Saturday, May 30, 2009

Off to Disney World

I feel like I am in the process of moving. You know, the adrenaline rush from the chaos of all that has to be done. Only we are not moving, simply getting ready for our trip to Disney World. To make matters worse, Pete had a manager's meeting that required him to be out of town for two days. So I had to play single parent while packing a family of five, getting two dogs to the vet for boarding and having a piano recital in the midst of it all. But I survived, Pete got home earlier than expected and now we are packed and ready to head out at 4:00 AM. The hardest part of all of this was leaving Jake and Snowy at the vet (as you can tell by the picture). We usually only go out of town for one or two nights, so our neighbors and my parents help take care of them here at home. But since our fence is still not fixed after Ike and we will be gone a little longer, we felt it would be best to board our sweet pups. You should have seen the kids and I trying to get them into the van and through the vet's front door. The overly excited canines were yanking me this way and that as I tried to hold onto both of their leashes with all my might. At one point, they had me trapped inside their complex maze of intertwined dog leashes. To the outsider, I probably looked hilarious, but I was actually very stressed. I could just imagine them pulling too hard and getting loose. That would have been a nightmare. Luckily Jake and Snowie made it into the hands of their caretaker for the next several days. Hopefully they won't be too mad when we pick them up. In the meantime, we're off to Disney World. Can't wait to share everything when we get back. I hope the next few days treat you well, too!


Holli said...

Have fun!!

E J Pearl said...

My wife and I spent last weekend in Disney World as our annual passes ran out on the 24th. We love it down there and try our best to make it a family outing every Christmas. If you've never been to Disney at Christmas, you've missing out on a lot.

By the way, don't forget to go to Epcot and visit the American pavilion, listen to the Voices of Liberty in the rotunda then go the the theater to watch the show. It will make your patriotic blood flow and make you thank God for this great nation. Unfortunatly, it may make you mourn for the direction the present administration has us heading.

That said, have a great time. We always do.

Jeni said...

LOL... the joys of travel prep! YOU DID IT my friend. Good stresses - you have stresses of a full life!