Saturday, May 16, 2009

Some People

Can you believe that someone had the audacity yesterday to ask me what I did all day with my free time now that all my children are in school? The smart-ass side of me wanted to blurt out, "Well, I just sit at home all day and twiddle my thumbs," but of course, I gave her a more polite answer. The answer was a mouthful, though, and I think she was very surprised at what I said, "Well, I substitute teach, tutor three children (other than my own), and am very involved in my writing. I am in a writer's guild, where I am helping a friend edit a hurricane anthology book. I am in two critique groups, one locally and one on-line with my poetry buddies with whom I write and compare daily poetry with. I signed a contract for a book I will soon be published in, Christmas Miracles. I am also working on fine tuning my book and other sundry projects as I grocery shop, garden, do laundry, cook meals, clean house, care for two dogs, try to give my husband lots of love and organize all of the activities for my three very active children. And what do you do?" She just looked at me and smiled. What could she say? I think she was completely dumbfounded by my answer. But you know what? That's what she gets for assuming that I sit around and do nothing. I mean- some people...

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