Thursday, May 14, 2009

Through the Rain

Through the Rain

Broken bones, baseball games,
dance recital practices, oh my!
Homework,reports and carnivals, too.
The end of school this year
has me feeling overwhelmed
like I belong in a zoo!
Where is the peace and serenity
I had just last weekend
when I left the ACTS retreat?
A song in my head, I happily sang,
love of God pouring from my heart.
Oh, how I relish that feeling so sweet.
They said life’s challenges would still await,
for reality can often bite you in the ass.
Just remember the times of peace I had;
the silent reflection, prayer and sharing,
fun times of laughing and acting silly, too,
and with God close by, things aren’t so bad.
Now I take on all life’s battles
with a renewed vim and vigor.
I will walk through the pain,
because faith will carry me through.
With God to lighten the load,
I can walk calmly through the rain.


Jeni said...

Welcome back Laurie! Just think of all the wonderful tools you have gained from your ACTS retreat.... Life is like a roller coaster ~ wait a minute.... it's not "like" a roller coaster, IT IS a roller coaster :)! Raise your hands in the air & say "weeeeeeeeeeeeee"! Love you.xoxo

LKHarris-Kolp said...

Thanks, Jeni, for giving me something to always remember through tough times- riding a rollercoaster (love em).