Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Coversation With Jeni

I have an awesome story to share with you. Yesterday evening, I was on the phone with Mary's sister, Jeni. She and I have become great friends. Since she lives in New York, and I in Texas, we usually have to either e-mail/Facebook or talk on the phone. We try to catch up on the phone every week, but time had lapsed since our last conversation. She is preparing for a wedding and, well, you know what I've been up to. Last night was so great to talk. We got on the topic of cardinals and other birds, (Jeni has had some of the same kinds of spiritual connections with birds since Mary died). She was sharing with me some wonderful experiences (which you can read on her blog by clicking the big red cardinal to the right), and I with her. I told her there were cardinals hanging around my retreat place, especially after I got up in front of 64 women and talked about Mary's death and the miracles that have occured since, my problems with depression and other challenges I have faced in life. I also reminded her how when I gave her the "Sisterhood Award" for blogs, a swarm of beautiful bright red cardinals filled my backyard, as if to say, "Thanks, Laurie for doing that for Jen- the best sister in the world." We were laughing about sometimes we feel 'crazy' from all of these miracles. Well, as we were speaking, I looked out my back bathroom window (where I sometimes talk so the kids won't bother me) and a beautiful crimson cardinal flew to a branch right in front of the window. It was right in front of my eyes, as I was talking to Jen about our cardinals! I thing he was saying, "Keep in contact with my sis- you both need each other!" I was in awe, as was Jeni. Again, God is good!

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Jeni said...

Oh Laurie... I believe Mary is with us - all around, giving us signs. Isn't it wonderful how we have this blog to share about them!? Beautifully crazy. I'm so happy you're back. I missed you (even though you are 2000 miles away) :) hehe.