Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Things Happen in 3s, Darn It!

Do you believe the old saying that things happen in 3s? I certainly do, and I'll tell you why. Andrew broke his left radius last night almost completely through. That means all 3 of my children have been in casts since November. Nicholas was first, with a broken finger that required surgery. Then came Katie, with a tear in her wrist growth plate. After that, we jokingly made the comment, "Well, Andrew, I guess you're next." Never jokingly make a comment like that- it just might come true.

Andrew's accident happened in our backyard. He was swinging with Nicholas and flipped over backwards, landing funny on his arm. We knew it was serious when he went into shock and started shaking. So, reluctantly, Pete took him to the ER. I say reluctantly because we knew the drill- wait, wait, wait while in pain, only to have to turn around and go through the same thing at the bone doctor the next day. Sure enough, this is what happened, but what can you do? They waited from 6:30-12:10 to get everything done, and this amounted to: 5 min. in x-ray, 5 min. with the nurse, 5 min. with the doctor (who told us the wrong bone) and 10 min. with the tech. who wrapped Andrew's arm. Sigh. Andrew said most people were in there for stubbed toes and colds, but he, a 7-year-old in pain with a broken radius (almost completely snapped in two), had to wait. I hate the ER!

Now, I am at another mountain I must climb, just few days after leaving my retreat feeling refreshed and high on God's spirit. I know I will need to pray more vigilantly right now and am asking you to do the same for us. Thanks.


Jeni said...

Yeah ~ ER's are the worst. But thank goodness they are there, right? I'm sorry about his broken bone. Goodness Gracious. I remember breaking my chin like that, jumping in a baby pool as if it were the deep end. Ouch. fun story to tell now :)! Positive thoughts... Good stories!! Lived to tell!

Jodi said...

First let me say I am happy it was Andrew's arm and that he is okay. The speed that accidents occur and the aftermath is mind-boggling.
Secondly, I have to say this: The treatment people get in American hospitals is appalling, in the ER especially.
It is one of the primary reasons my daughter and her husband moved to where I live: Mexico.
Yeah. I know. Kind of confusing, innit?
My youngest granddaughter sat for over 6 hours (!) with a huge laceration, waiting for a surgeon, in one of the "finest" hospitals in Seattle two years ago.
Medical treatment in Mexico is prompt, cheap, frank (they don't BS you) and honest.
I just don't get it.
The US CAN have good medical care and by golly, I hope you get it.
Good luck with Andrew's arm and watch what you joke about.