Saturday, September 18, 2010

Letting go...of junk

One person's trash is another person's treasure...unless the person is not willing to admit their treasures are trash...or maybe they are emotionally attached to their stuff... 

We had a garage sale this morning.  Our idea of a garage sale is that we wake up and decide to have one.  Since we live on a fairly busy street, we do not have to worry about advertising in the newspaper or putting signs all over town.  We simply pull all the junk that has been accumulating in our garage out into the driveway and put a sign up in our yard.  Then the people come.

It is so interesting how our typical garage sales go.  The kids always start gung-ho about helping because if they help, they get paid.  But this only lasts for a while and then they get bored and go inside.  I try to go outside and help but usually get kicked back inside.  This conversation will tell you why:

Woman walks up with three things in hand and asks "How much?"

Katie says, "Fifty cents each."

At the same time, I say, "Five dollars for all three," and then quietly tell Katie not to price anything.

The lady sets the items down and walks away.

"M-oh-mm!" Katie says.

It happens a few more times and then I go back inside and frantically search for more things to put in the sale.  We have to make a little money, after all.

This is why Pete, my sweet husband, is the one who usually endures the heat (or cold) and runs our garage sales.  According to him, it's fun to let someone pay you to take away your junk.  But what about all those tools that are still in the garage?  Hmmm...

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Jeni said...

LOL... my dad looooooved garage sales! thanks for the memory Laurie! You and him share the same thought "other peoples junk is some peoples treasures"... so true! is any of it really junk though? not!