Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A New Age Family, Part 1
by Laurie Kolp

One child sits alone in his Space room
diagramming compound sentences
and conjugating verbs on his laptop
for his online school homework
knowing if a problem should arise
his teacher is just a Skype away.

Sister sits alone in her generic room
reading Chaucer from a Nook
while listening to her iPod
and quietly mouthing along
to Not-So-Nice lyrics she hopes
Mom and Dad can’t hear.

Mom sits alone in the cold kitchen
testing her new Credit Card sized phone
as she chats with virtual friends
and waits impatiently for the delivery
of groceries she ordered online.

Dad sits alone in his office/study
working diligently on his computer,
typing away at the technology proposal
he hopes will move him up the ladder
so he can make ends meet for his family.

Part 2 - Next time!

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