Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Moments captured

A hummingbird stands at attention
Now that summer is officially over, I am waiting for some cooler temperatures to make their way to Southeast Texas.  Last week, we did have a two day reprieve where the temperatures stayed below 90, but that was only a tease.  I find myself still having to wipe my fogged-up sunglasses each time I step out into the humid sauna-like climate.

But even though the temperatures are still high, I can tell the seasons are changing.  The sun is positioned differently now as the days grow shorter.  The fall allergy season is upon us.  Even God's little creatures are acting differently.

Here are a few interesting pictures that capture nature at its best.  The hummingbird pictured above was one of many who swamped the bird feeder all day.  For me to capture a hummingbird like that is quite amazing.  The frog pictured below stayed stuck to Katie's window for quite a while.  Perhaps he was enjoying watching her dance around her room.  Who knows?

Mr. Frog peeking into Katie's room...
...the outside view.


Janet said...

Hey lady,

I read your "conversations" almost every day. i love them. I feel blessed to know You and Mr. K and am so happy you guys are having such a wonderful life togther. Love you guys, Janet

LKHarris-Kolp said...

Thank you, Janet. I appreciate your comment and thanks for reading the blog. I'm happy to know you, too (and I can tell by your greeting, Janet C). Hope to see you soon! = )

Jeni said...

wow ~ what amazing pictures!! Our guardian angels show up in so many forms :)...xoxo