Saturday, September 18, 2010

by Laure Kolp

I awake to a beautiful day
smell fresh coffee and bacon
stretch my cracking body
roll out of bed slowly
on this one day I sleep in.

I call “Good Morning,”
as I grab my Starbucks mug
and pour four cups inside,
but there is no answer
only Spongebob and Patrick
resonating from the TV.

Then the door slams
and in walk the kids.
“We’re having a garage sale,
come see,” they say.
“So much for a lazy Saturday,”
and I follow them outside.

1 comment:

Alberto Arza said...

You are very much welcome Laure. I saw you sign up at hennen's observer, and followed to your blog. In fact you inspired me to start my ownn:

I'm follwoing you, and added you to my blog list. I like the domesticity of this piece, and hope to see you post something on Hennen's. When you check out my blog, please don't be scared off. It appears darker and sinister than it actually will be.
I look forward to seeing more of your writing fellow poet. I think we'll be exploring the world through different eyes, but thats what it's all about. Take care, and thank you for letting me comment. Bye.