Friday, September 10, 2010

A New Age Family, Part 2
by Laurie Kolp

This is our future, the here and now
the demise of the American family,
falling prey to technology bliss.
What will become of this madness,
no one knows,
but what happened to this family
I shall share.

Instead of the family they were meant to be,
these four people became a generic Unit,
spent their days in cold isolation,
away from human contact and interaction-

This Unit had no friends, no real love,
they knew not what love really was-
the affectionate kind, the physical kind
one gets from hugs and kisses,
no faith God nor trust in Him did they possess-
all trust was invested in computers
and the man-made world.

Mom and Dad, Sister, Brother
were stagnant, in poor health,
as one might expect from staying inside all day, everyday,
without fresh air, sunshine, exercise.

The Unit ordered everything online,
did everything online,
and became everything online.

Robotically they existed in lives mundane,
growing further and further apart
until The Day, D-Day,
everything changed:
because of a glitch in the system,
the world as they knew it exploded.

not global warming,
not nuclear warfare,
not terrorism,
but technology-
computers destroyed the Unit's future,
the day the family died.

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