Sunday, March 18, 2012

Drama Queen

Drama is more than a class Carry takes
in her life of waxed-out dreams,
with school hallways as her stage
inherent acting skills it seems

she drives pressured peers crazy
with hand gestures, facial masks
and an artificial delivery-
Carry follows senseless tasks.

Sources say her previous school
banned her from all lockers,
their loose-fit limit she had pushed
when she chastised boys in Dockers.

And when she tries to do it again
admin picks up on this scheme
spreads her classes from end to end-
no more singing to her petty theme.

@laurie kolp

Prompt inspiration: The Sunday Whirl- singing, sources, previous, carry, limit, hallways, gestures, drama, drives, follows, delivery, hand, inherent

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Dr. Pearl Ketover Prilik (PKP) said...

Enjoyed the jaunty rhythym :)

brenda w said...

Your first two lines pull me in quickly, Laurie. "pressured peers" is brilliant.

Mr. Walker said...

A fun portrait, a different take on a "drama queen". I love "she drives pressured peers crazy" - that's such a great line.


Barbara said...

Must be too long away from Carry's culture to get what all her tricks are, but her essence, now that shines through. And I, too, think pressured peers is a neat twist.

Peggy said...

Something about these words--I also thought of school hallways and teens. And oh yes, the drama queens! Nice use of the wordle words.

Jules said...

At one time I think most gals want to be the popular one...but once you know that they most often are least happy with themselves - you are very glad for who you are. Nicely wordled.

Cheryl said...


flaubert said...

Laurie, I so love seeing where the words take us. Your poem is intriguing.


Mary said...

I enjoyed this, Laurie!! There definitely are always drama queens.

irene said...

Mesmerising portrait of a drama queen, Laurie.

S.E.Ingraham said...

This was fun - a nice take on the words and the idea ... now I want to go over to flash fiction and see what else you've done!

teri said...

You have me thinking about high school hallways. The drama queens and kings were all too much. You capture it so well. So glad to be far removed from all that.
A small Stone Gathering-

Janet said...

Somehow I could picture the jaunty lass!:) Nicely done.

margo said...

Love 'Drama is more than a class". sets up the rest of the story, as well as Carry!

Paula Wanken said...

I'm soo glad not to be in the a student OR a teacher! Nice blending of the words!

Marianne said...

Well done, Laurie! This is a grand rendering of a drama queen!