Tuesday, March 6, 2012


She fondles drugs as if they were four-
leaf clovers picked fresh from a verdant
green field; presses them in her body like
a scrapbook page, these poisonous mushroom
spores growing fungus in her brain, polluting
her body with peppered spice. Signs hide in a
cloak of denial and justification- but I can read
between the lines, offer a shoulder to lean on.

@laurie kolp

Prompt inspirations:

Poetry Jam- Inner and Outer Limits

Rosemary Mint Word Prompt (Shawna)
~Words-- spice, clover, leaf, page, spore, press, cloak, sign, lean, read


Buddah Moskowitz said...

"She fondles drugs as if they were four-
leaf clovers"

That shoulder is sure getting a workout of late. Wonderful read.

Linda H. said...

Laurie, I am always awed by your talent. The opening lines here are wonderful, pulled me in right away, and kept me till the end.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, Laurie. What you did with that first line-break right out of the box. Ugh. What a gut punch.

This is a perfect capture of the abused child trying to keep living through adulthood, still broken and four inside.



Brian Miller said...

you know...i know someone just like her...looking for luck in the wrong places..i am glad she has ou to walk it with her...

janaki nagaraj said...

Such a sad story...there are many like her today. Nice message here.

De said...

Laurie, this is wonderful. I am loving the weaving in of the shoulder, and your friend's journey. Continued prayers.

Peggy said...

Another power-punch poem from you Laurie. Telling it like it is but with kindness. I enjoy your work so much.

RD said...

when I woke up, oh...some 20 years ago, I realize two words had surrounded my Life...
justify and deny...with all the words I utilize today in my Life, seldom do I ever use them

it hurts to even write them now

I see you understand this poisonous cloak many live under

shoulders are rare and precious...do take care of your own

Peace ☮

Anonymous said...

very poignant, Laurie. i hear your heart in all your words.

Mary said...

The beginning "Deterioration
She fondles drugs as if they were four-leaf clovers" drew me right in and held me there. A powerful write, Laurie!

Here's mine:


Carrie Burtt said...

This has some powerful lines Laurie....that first line really grabs you. Thank God for shoulders that are there for those in need.

Daydreamertoo said...

*Sighs* This is all so sad, been all to close to someone else's addiction too.
Thank goodness she has you to lean on Laurie.

Helen said...

A shoulder to lean on ~ what those struggling with addiction need. This is impressive poetry.

Mystic_Mom said...

Laurie - you went to the deep end, and came out with something so strong that speaks to so many. Resonates. Wow.

Heaven said...

This is so sad but hopefully she finds her way ~

"Signs hide in a
cloak of denial and justification- but I can read
between the lines, offer a shoulder to lean on. "

Great write ~