Friday, March 30, 2012

One Amazing Summer

It was the summer I ran away that comes to mind. Don't get me wrong; I wasn't a child. I was 27. And it was of my own free will. Kinda. The events leading up to June are what forced me to shove all my stuff into storage and flee to good ole New Orleans.

I'd had a stalker. I've written a poem about it here. I was a second grade teacher in The Woodlands and I'd just moved to an apartment complex closer to the action in Houston. Boy did I get some action! After the guy was caught and evicted, they let me out of my lease. It was nearly May. I was dating someone who lived in New Orleans. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out my reasoning.

My boyfriend owned a sound and lighting company and so he was involved in the night life. He worked many concerts, one in particular was Harry Connick, Jr. After the show we went to Pat O'Briens for an exclusive celebration. Anyone who has ever been there knows about the hurricanes they serve, and I had sweet talked my way into several of them by the time I got up the nerve to walk up to Harry and introduce myself. Like a giddy school girl I held out my hand and told him my name, said that I was his biggest fan. I would have been any star's biggest fan at that point. He looked at me like, who the hell are you? I felt smaller than a doubloon, but at least I can now say I've had a private conversation with Harry Connick, Jr.

During the long hot days I worked in a fancy seafood restaurant as a door hostess. A few times I had to step in and wait tables for a no-show, but to tell you the truth, I couldn't even carry the cumbersome trays much less remember who ordered what. I worked my way over to bartending where I received a fun education on those New Orleans spirits. I wasn't too long into that when my boyfriend convinced me to quit and spend my days at the country club. No problem-o!

This was also the summer I went to Puerto Vallarta for my birthday - his treat, I might add. You can read about my daring adventure up the steep mountains with a crazy driver here. I went to some ritzy affairs dressed in slinky black dresses and was spoiled to death by a man thirteen years older than me. By the end of the summer, our generation gap was becoming more prominent as were his promiscuous habits... but I'll never forget that adventurous summer.

Written for Kellie Elmore's Free Write Fridays- One Amazing Summer


Kellie said...

Laurie! So good to have you in this week! I love it! and this..." I would have been any stars biggest fan at that point" That sounds so much like me! i used to be this crazy celeb stalker (not really but close enough) I wanted to meet anyone famous I could (and got to meet a few actually) but I laughed at this. So cute! Oh and Harry Connick OH MY! Those eyes! =)

Thank you for sharing with FWF, LAurie! Big Hugs!

De said...

Love the feel of this, Laurie. It's almost detached, like a reporter giving the story. That's soooo how I feel about my past life. ;)

Hannah said...

Oh, Laurie! This was fun! I love your authentic voice and adventuresome life. :)

Natasha Head said...

Laurie, oh my...I have to admit I giggled! Met up with a favorite band once...three sheets to the wind in a down town dive...I told them...they give me great soul! Ha! Wonderful share that brought back more than just the one memory for me...but the stalker thing left goosebumps more than giggles!

Mikael said...

Haha, love the Harry Connick Jr. story... Definitely sounds like an adventurous summer! That boyfriend sounded pretty cool up until the very end, ha.