Saturday, July 31, 2010

Two Hearts
by Laurie Kolp

Hands that tie two hearts as one
holding fast, holding strong
boundless love no fear can break
holding fast, holding strong
trickling hope forever young
holding fast, holding strong
breathing life’s eternal sun
holding fast, holding strong
hands that tie two hearts as one

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Let's Yell!"

I just finished reading the newspaper (which I might add takes only five minutes nowadays) and am beginning the crossword puzzle, when Katie comes out of her room and walks over to the TV.  She wants to exercise with the Wii's Just Dance.  But Nicholas is playing one of her games on the Wii, and she is not happy about it.

"How come you're playing my game without my permission?" Katie yells, um, says.

"Since when did I need your permission?" Nicholas retorts while still focused on Petz Dogz 2.

"Since ALWAYS. You better not have messed up my game."

"I have my own game on this.  You know the one your friend who moved had," Nicholas snaps.

"You were NOT supposed to touch that."

Voices are getting louder and faces angrier at this point.  Andrew and I look at each other and shrug our shoulders.  I decide I better intervene.

"Katie, really... it's not that important, is it?  I mean, you never play this game," I say diplomatically.

"Yes, it's important...and I do play it, um, occasionally," she answers.

"Well I can, too.  We always share.  What's the big deal?" Nicholas adds.  He has put down his Wii remote and is looking at his big sister right in the face.

"I want to exercise and you've been on the Wii for a long time.  Now, get off."

I grab a book, "Shark Trouble," for Nicholas to read.  We only have three more days for him to complete his summer reading list of twenty-five books from the library.  Katie and Andrew are done with their books (but are still reading), but Nicholas has four more books to read before he reaches the finish line. 

I pick up the book and say in a loud voice (to be heard above the sibling rivalry):

"Come over here, Nicholas, so we can yell."

And guess what?  The children start laughing.  In fact, they immediately go from looks of hatred on their faces to sheer delight as they laugh at their silly momma.

That's the story of my life, or at least one of them.  When does school start again?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

by Laurie Kolp

He wears a long black cape
(part of an old Halloween costume)
and goes running through the house
(just right so his cape flies)
fearlessly leaping across furniture
(even though he knows better)
ferociously jumping on his bed
(and every other one in the house)
dramatically winding his way down halls
(who can stop him?)
while singing all the while
(na-na NA-NA na-na NA-NA na-na)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Getting Through the Traffic Jams
by Laurie Kolp

When will you see
me as I really am
a writer, a poet
trying to make my way
in this overcrowded
highway of discontent

honking horns to be heard
when cutthroat drivers,
the same ones every time,
zigzag in and out
and cut everyone off
or push them over
so they can get to the front
and win the race

while all the others
are left behind trying to catch up
one car, one word, at a time
never really getting there
because the same impetuous drivers
through nothing more than persistence-
or could it be comfortable connections-
always end up with the trophies.
by Laurie Kolp

eyes clear as blue sky
cheeks like fluffy clouds to squeeze
and bask in his son

A day in our life: July 24, 2010

What a wonderful day we had yesterday, July 24, 2010.  It all started with a visit from Chris, Chelsea and baby Jonathan.  Katie, Andrew and Nicholas had fun meeting their newest cousin for the first time.  At four-months-old, Jonathan is a big boy.

We laughed so hard while trying to get Jonathan to sit up.  In fact, we captured the moment in video.  I was laughing so hard while recording that I was crying.  There is nothing like a baby to cheer you up.

After Chris, Chelsea and Jonathan left to go back to The Woodlands, we met our dear friend Karen at Jason's Deli for dinner.  She has been in Virginia for many years, but now that she is working in the Dallas area, we can see her more often.  Of course, with Karen a lot of laughing always occurs.

After Jason's, she came over for a while.  When we were going into the house, we heard a rustle from the bush with the bird's nest, and then a small brown blur caught our eyes.  The baby birds were trying to take flight!

Later when Katie, Karen and I were leaving to go shopping, we found one of the fledglings fluttering around Karen's red car.  It got scared and jumped into her tire where it got stuck.  We had to ask Pete to come to the rescue and help the fledgling face its fears.  In a short time, it was flying again.  When we got back from the mall, we noticed the little bird had parked itself against our wall, halfway between the ground and roof.  Maybe the baby finch was having an identity crises and thought it was a bat?  (Thankfully this morning it was gone).

Yesterday was a day to remember.  How was your day?

Friday, July 23, 2010

by Laurie Kolp

another kind soul
left this plane today
leaving behind fond memories
for the people touched by his way

many obstacles Jud overcame in life
and shared his experience with others
accomplishments in his renowned career
don’t compare to this band of brothers

those left behind are saddened with loss
for his death came fast and unexpectedly
but we should all take comfort in this fact:
Jud’s now in a peaceful realm of spirituality

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Techno-noise is driving me nuts!

After listening to the doorbell ring all afternoon, my mind is a little frazzled.  And no, we did not have someone at our door ringing it incessantly; Katie had a friend over whose phone rings like a doorbell every time she gets a call or text message.  A-NNOY-ING.  They were texting back and forth with some friends and this went on for quite some time.   ~sigh~   Apparently even some grown-ups are addicted to texting...just ask my sister. 

Is it just me or do you notice a trend going on here; kids are getting more techno-savvy at younger and younger ages.  Katie is a few weeks shy of turning 11, but she has a cell phone WE keep for her.  She uses it when she spends the night, but Katie does not have free reign of the cell phone.

Once I dropped Katie off at another friend's house and the girl's two-year-old sister greeted us at the door.  She could barely talk but she showed us her toy and said, "iPod!"  The toddler was proudly carrying it around and showing everyone her iPod.

I was impressed when I saw an ad on one of the children's networks (Disney or Nickelodeon) teaching the kids how to be safe with technology: limit use, be careful who you befriend on social-networking sites, remember what you put out on the Internet is out there forever, the potential dangers of texting, etc.  The ad also stressed the importance of spending time with real people vs cyber-people. I remember when these channels talked about playground and bike safety rules, stranger danger and other out-dated topics.

What's next?  Before long magazines, newspapers and books will be things of the past and, just like our kids are clueless when we bring up such topics as vinyl records or cassette tapes, their kids will raise eyebrows at the mention of these paper items.  Schools, college and working will all be online, and communication with the real world will be a rarity.  I think I will start a 12-step program called Technoholics Anonymous.  Oh jeez...I think I'll be in the nut hut by then, having gone mad by all the techno-NOISE!

P.S. It rained today...
What (Most) Girls Want
by Laurie Kolp

girls just wanna be girls
that's all they really want
to dance silly and spin
turn cartwheels and skip
play dress up with dolls
giggle and laugh
girls just wanna be girls

girls just wanna be girls
that’s all they really want
to walk in the sun
get tan and fix their hair
chase cute boys
giggle and laugh
girls just wanna be girls

girls just wanna be girls
that’s all they really want
to marry and have babies
make a house a home
live the dream
giggle and laugh
girls just wanna be girls

girls just wanna be girls
that’s all they really want
to become grandmothers
spoil rotten the kids
share wisdom, stay healthy
giggle and laugh
girls just wanna be girls

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Impatient Patient
by Laurie Kolp

One hot summer day in July
upon discovering a delay in surgery
the angry patient donned his clothes
and walked to the gift shop in the lobby;
Sudoku puzzles always calmed
his irregular heartbeat
more than any
ever could;
I love you,

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Baby birds nice distraction

Last weekend during my computer debacle (which Pete tells me taught him more than he ever wanted to know about computers), Katie spotted a bird's nest on our front porch.  It was nestled in a corner beside the front door in a big Schefflera plant.  What a nice refreshing break from my worried mind I had when Katie shared her surprise with me.  The baby birds must have hatched not too long before because when I peeked inside the nest, their downy fir was still covered with liquid from the eggs.  I try to check on them periodically, but mama bird will not have that!  When I hear her protective chirps coming from afar and warning of danger, I quickly recoil back into the house.  I would not want her to try and move the nest.  It would be miraculous if the baby birds turned out to be cardinals, but I do not think that will happen; they are probably sparrows or finches.  I will keep you posted.

Oh...speaking of keeping you posted...THE BRAIN still sticks!
Summer Loving?
by Laurie Kolp

God, please help me
be a good referee
to all the summer’s
bitter squabbles
endless quarrels
and silly spats that,
like an overactive volcano,
spew hot lava daily
and melt words;
burning internally
leaving scars on me,
but phasing not
my children’s reverie
hot from summer’s heat
burning lava endlessly
words, snaps, bites
God, please help me

Monday, July 19, 2010

Video card throws glitch in my life

It's like a teacher without students or a doctor without patients; a writer with no computer is hell, especially when that writer is me.

Last Thursday I was working at my computer when the screen turned yellow and white striped, then completely jumbled. 

I tried to close the window but nothing happened.  I went from being peaceful to a complete wreck in a matter of seconds.  Already that morning the refrigerator door's shelf bar had gone kaput, and everything had crashed to the ground.  A double doozy just didn't seem fair.

After restarting the computer several times and getting the same results (insanity, I know), I called Pete.  He did not have the comforting words I was looking for, so I called a friend.  I told her the situation and all the possibilities...I would loose everything I had worked so hard on for years, we would have to buy a new computer and how could we afford that right now, and so on.  I heard her voice break in that she could not hear me- I was fading in and out.  I walked to Katie's room and stood in front of her window and guess what?  I saw a cardinal!  I knew then everything would be okay, and it was.

Numerous scans revealed no virus, and a visit to the Geek Squad reassured us that nothing appeared to be wrong with the computer (which had a two-year warranty that had expired in May).  Pete spent the weekend working on it, bless his heart.  He programmed my computer back to how it was when we bought it (which took all day), but it did the same thing.  Finally he went back to Best Buy and they said it was probably the video card.  So Pete bought a new one, installed it and ~voila~ my computer is like new again.  But keep your finger's crossed, please.

Lesson learned: BACK-UP EVERYDAY!
Waving Goodbye
by Laurie Kolp

Sitting at the tumultuous water’s edge
She watched the waves lap in and out
Hypnotized by the rhythmic spell
Nature’s metronome had her under
Back and forth, back and forth

The constant swaying movements
Rejuvenated and soothed her soul
As she threw her marriage out to sea
With Santa Claus hope for beach erosion
Back and forth, back and forth

The waves came in and freed her
From his omnipotent drowning control
The waves went out and washed away
Torrid memories of hurt and pain
Back and forth, back and forth

She covered the pistol with wet sand
Back and forth, back and forth
No more beatings, no more insults
Back and forth, back and forth
Goodbye darkness, hello sunshine
Back and forth, back and forth

…or so she hoped.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

by Laurie Kolp

computer glitches
skew the screen and turn it white
as a ghost writer

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

After the Rain
by Laurie Kolp

darkness clouds the soul
as the violent storm sets in
and all cognizant thought
is flooded with blinding pain

until the agonizing pressure
reaches a sudden breaking point
the gray storm clouds burst
trailing yellow after the rain

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Coming home

I had the pleasure of meeting up with some of my writing friends at the guild meeting tonight.  So many times I have to miss the meeting because I am too busy running the kids here and there to various activities, but tonight worked out great.  When people who share a common bond get together, it always feels like home.  You know, the warm and cozy kind of sensation that warms your heart and makes you feel as if you have not missed a beat?   That is how I feel.  It is natural to simply dive right in our writing updates with each other.

  I am very fortunate and blessed to belong to another group like that too; not a writer's group, but a different kind of group based on spiritual principles.  When I walk into a room full of these people, I am embraced by "family" who accept me just the way I am.  I get that same warm and fuzzy feeling, and the weight of the world is lifted from my shoulders as I bask in the comfort of their love.  We share a common bond that unites us. 

Do you belong to any groups?   Please feel free to leave a comment and strike up a conversation.
Not Me
by Laurie Kolp

Why is this person, Not Me,
someone I never can see
yet he takes all the blame
with great fortune and fame
setting the guilty one free

Food for thought...

Love, like flowers, needs food for its cup...
Things are brighter when looking up...

Staying together is no consequence...
Accept all difference with tolerance...
Take a leap of faith and have some trust...
...and maybe love won't end up a bust!

If people spent as much time on their marriage as they did on planning their wedding, do you think more marriages would last?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

One Day on Sunday
by Laurie Kolp

a day of peaceful reflection
time to rest for the week
family fun, no fuss or fear
each Sunday this I seek

after all the clothes are washed
groceries bought for a week
floors and tubs are squeaky clean
each child spent time with unique

maybe when the chores are done
I can rest on Sundays one day
until then I will silently dream
because I always make time to pray

a day of peaceful reflection
time to rest for the week
family fun, no fuss or fear
each Sunday this I seek

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Off to the dog races

I am not sure what I was thinking when I wrote about summer boredom; I must have had brain drain or something (by the way, day 3 and the brain is still on the ceiling).  Actually, a few consecutive days of rain instigated our brief cabin fever squalor, because we really are extremely busy this summer. 

Katie is on the dance competition team which practices throughout the summer.  She is also going to a workshop in New York for a week, and I am very stressed out about that.  Everything has to be a certain way and, well, sometimes I do not like being told exactly what and how to do things- especially when it is way over the top.  So I am trying to deal with issues from my childhood that have popped up because of that.  I am excited, though, because I am flying up for two nights and staying with my sweet friend Jeni.  I will get to see Katie's off-Broadway performance and then fly back with her.

Andrew is taking Taekwondo and loving it  He gets to go as often as he likes, which is every day.  Andrew was going strong between the two weddings, but since he missed almost a week, he got a little behind.  Some of the kids were getting colored bands for their belts and Andrew got so discouraged when he did not get one... until last week.  He got his first one on Thursday and another one on Friday.  What a boost of confidence that was.  I think Taekwondo is perfect for Andrew.

Nicholas is on the swim team, which meets every day for two hours (the bigger kids go twice a day).  Some parents drop their kids off and go run errands for two hours, but Pete and I do not feel comfortable doing that.  We sit and watch...or talk...or play.  I take Nicholas when he goes in the morning and Pete takes him at night.  He likes to go at night(thank goodness).  Nicholas is also taking dance because when he saw the boys doing a hip-hop routine at Katie's dance recital, he decided he wanted to that, too.

As you can see, the dog days of summer are more like dog races for us.  One thing about being busy is that the summer is flying by.  The best thing about it, though, is that the days of boredom are... appreciated?

Friday, July 9, 2010

by Laurie Kolp


job hunters
raise seekers

bill collectors
endless chores

childhood beggars
teenage lovers

sudden downpours
changing shores

caring teachers
loving parents



The brain still the ceiling, that is.  More than twenty-four hours later and it has not fallen yet.  How long do you think it will take?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Humdrum summer activities...

Yes, the summer doldrums have arrived.  I don't know about you, but when my children are bored they start bickering back and forth (see video from previous post).  Yesterday I told the kids, "I think we have reached the ready-to-bite-your-head-off phase of summer,"  to which they replied, "Yeah...can we?"  Hmmm...have to think about that one.  Here are some prime examples of humdrum summer activities:

The kids throw this brain on the ceiling to see how long it will stick.

New hairstyles are worn and muscle growth compared.

Slices of kiwi and amount of black seeds are compared, and experiments on how hairy a carrot can get are performed.


Everyone (including Lily the dog) is sleepy.

Mother sees how many leg lifts she can do with kid as weight (100).

Walking With Me
by Laurie Kolp

bloodlines channeled from inner peace
reflect calm waters
seasoned with traces of sand

sunshine masks tumultuous clouds
false realities not to be foretold
warning: whitecaps ahead

intertwine empathy, endearment, energy
depths from which experience builds
sand castles reaching the sky

benign compunction motivates
creative use of inane litter
ornamental seashell art

signs ominous, intriguing
wash ashore with the tide
igniting passionate bonfires

bylines of effusion stimulate
messages in a bottle
an everlasting walk on the beach

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fries or chips?

After partaking in a "Harry Potter" movie marathon, the boys decided to share their British accents.  This is what happened:

Friday, July 2, 2010

by Laurie Kolp

sometimes my brain is a noodle
all I can do is just doodle
my thoughts spin and jumble
the words seem to crumble
such is the life of a poodle