Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Quiet One

I'm the one who snuck in,
the nobody in a corner
standing alone.
I'm the one who wants
to be noticed,
yet feels unworthy
of recognition
when it happens.
A has-it-all-together look
with eyes to the floor.
Resale shop gown,
mousy hair once platinum.
Don't tell me I'm beautiful,
I just want to watch
everyone else
having a ball.

Poetry inspiration:
Tess Kincaid's Willow Manor Ball 2013

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Pink Cape(R)

Intensify the early-morning moment a garbage
truck barrels down your street. Lift your arms
and wave fastidious, as if the city worker might

notice. A daunting task, rolling the trash can
behind the incinerator and trying to dump it in,
only to find your wife's pink robe collecting grins.

"Whatever works," you say, even though
it was an accident, your last-minute grab
of cover flying open like a cape.


Poetic Inspiration:
Poetry Jam~ It's All in the Trash
PU Verse First~ Half & Half (3 stanzas, 3 lines each)
3WW~ daunting, fastidious, intensify

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Writers are Lovers

of mystery
as you can see
from the words of a poet.
Take, for instance, Robert Frost,
who in early adulthood stepped away
from poetry attempting to appease his family
with completion of higher academics, brief stints
in teaching, and reporting news slanted with a poetic view--
he once went on to describe a flagpole in front of the post office
as beauty with a majestic eagle who, in a mighty gust of wind,  
perched atop a pole by a stately white building,
adorned the heavens until a dreadful hunter
came along and shot it dead, that fool,
when merely the wind
knocked it down--
does a reporter write like that? No, only poets such as Robert Frost,
whose steps away from writing only led him back to feather pen,
can sustain wedding nights where hasty visitors knock
at cabin doors, when all around the deserted woods
no other light shines, and one is left wondering
if perhaps the stranger was the bride's true
love left with missing clues.


Poetic inspiration:
PU Verse First- Writers are Lovers
3WW~ dreadful, hasty, sustain

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


He walks backward to his room
as if time walks backward, too.
One more goodnight kiss,
is there something that he missed?
Mom and Dad watching TV
when all the children sleep.

When all the children sleep,
Mom and Dad watching TV.
Is there something that he missed?
One more goodnight kiss?
As if time walks backward too,
he walks backward to his room.


Prompt inspiration~
Poetry Jam: Backward(s)//(s)drawkcaB