Recent Publications and Awards


 Mocking Heart Review- 3 poems

VerseWrights- 6 poems

Panoply, a literary zine- Forced to Rebuild

concis- Stoned on Benadryl

Rat's Ass Review, Spring-Summer 2016- Manhattan

Plum Tree Tavern- Found poem

Deep Water Literary Review- Hopeless Mortification and To Fill the Hole 

Melancholy Hyperbole- Feb. '16- Mimicking You

Found Poetry Review- Unexpected Slide

By&By Poetry- January '16- 2 Poems

Leveler- The Portrait

Blue Lotus Review- Wisps of Awkwardness

Avalon Lit Review- Golden Bachelorhood 

Slim Volume: This Body I Live In

Poeming Pigeons: A Literary Journal of Poetry: Poems About Food 

The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society- On Engagement and Spring

Plum Tree Tavern- Valleys of Life, Echoed

Uppagus- Issue #14 Cynthia's Combustion 

Verse Virtual- 
 2014: November
2015: August and September and October

2016: January and February

Muddy River Review- Oscillating Cachinnation 

The Good Men's Project- The Questioning, Answered 

When Women Waken- Birthing Blue

Lummox, No. 4 2015

Snapping Twig- The Change

Cyclamens and Swords- August 2015- On Footsies

Blue Fifth Review-  Summer Quarterly- Sand

Maudlin House- 3 poems

Blue Bonnet Review- 2 poems

Blue Heron Review Summer 2015

Locust Six- Rock, Paper, Scissors

Ink, Sweat and Tears- The Snobby Woman Pretends Not to See Me

The Good Men Project- Answering the Call

Ilya' Honey- Summer Issue 2015- Last One Standing

Front Porch Review- The Other Side of Havoc

The Lake- Summer 2015- 2 poems

Mused, The BellaOnline Literary Review- Summer, 2015- 2 poems: What I Found & Moon on Your Pillow

Crack the Spine, Issue 54- Relinquishing Control 

Naugatuck River Review- Caught Unaware

Silver Birch Press- 6/23/15 - On Cacoepy (Mispronunciation of Names)

Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY- 6/22/15- Like Van Gogh

Prelude Mag- Intoxicated Turbulence

Snapdragon, Issue 2- 6/11/15

Turtle Island Quarterly- Spring 2015- Muffled

Yellow Chair Review- Superheroes issue- 2 poems

Black Heart Magazine- 5/24/15- 2 poems

North Dakota Quarterly, vol. 80.3- Summer, 2015

Silver Birch Press, May 2, 2015- Dusting

Synchronized Chaos, May 1, 2015- Four poems

Hermes Poetry Journal, April 26, 2015- The Librarian

FREE- origami poems project mini-chapbbook, April 25, 2015- What You Left

The Camel Saloon, April 12, 2015- Cravings

Gnarled Oak, April 4, 2015- haiku

 Driftwood Press, Volume 2: Issue 2 

JAB Magazine, Spring 2015- Relating to a Newcomer

 Gyroscope Review: 15-1- April 1, 2015- 2 poems

Absinthe Poetry Review, Issue 1, March 2015- The Couch

Puppy Love: 2015- Nonfiction piece, My Angel Jake

Snapdragon: A Journal of Art and Healing, March 2015: Keeping It Down

Poppy Road, March 4, 2015- Two poems

Scissors & Spackle, 2015

The Otter- February 2015- Crushed Rose

MOON Magazine, January 2015- 3 Poems

City Lit Rag, 11-1-14 TIME WARP

Pirene's Fountain 2014 Vol. 7, Issue 14~ The Mortician 

Concho River Review Vol. 28, No. 2, Fall 2014- Making Ends Meet

Moonbathing (Fall/Winter 2014)~ haiku

A Hundred Gourds 4:1 December 2014- haiku

Amarillo Bay, November 2014- Mother, In the Raw

Verse-Virtual November 2014- (4 poems)

Blue Fifth Review Poetry Special (September 2014)

Referential Magazine, Fall 2014~ 3 Poems

Silver Birch Press Blog (9/13/14)~ You Think? (A Found Poem) & (12/23/14) Waiting for Inspiration...

The Road Not Taken- Summer Issue~ A Blackbird

Deep Water Literary Journal (July 31, 2014)~ What Sunday School Taught Him

Black Heart Magazine (March 16, 2014)~ Whirls of Brokenness 

Miller's Pond (Winter 2014)~ Drunk on a Park Bench

cho, Contemporary Haibun Online (October 2013)~ Hereditary Mayhem

FPR: Tribute to David Foster Wallace (September 2013)~ Thousands of Flags

Radical Dislocations (September, 2013)

The Crafty Poet: A Portable Workshop by Diane Lockward (August, 2013)- pg. 68

The dVerse Anthology: Voices of Contemporary World Poetry (July, 2013)- 3 poems

Found Poetry Review, Volume 5 (July 2013)

Wisdom Crieth Without, Issue 9, May 2013: Writer's Barricade

Oh, Sandy: An Anthology of Humor for a Serious Purpose - Nonfiction piece
Poetic Pinup Revue, February 2013, Poem: A Mother's Love

Four and Twenty, January 2013, Holding On (p. 16)

Miller's Pond Poetry, Winter 2013 issue- Three poems

Kind of a Hurricane Press Anthologies- Backlit Barbell (Dec. '12) & B (Dec. '12)

The FIB Review, Issue #13, October 2012: Ballerina Branches

Full of Crow Poetry, October 2012: The Aftertaste of Us

TUCK Magazine, October 15, 2012: Two Poems- On Getting a Mammogram, On the Examination Table, Waiting

Falling in Love with You: Story, October, 2012

A Blackbird Sings: Small Stones collection, October 2012

Shot Glass Journal, Issue #8, September 2012- The Secret

Inaugural issue (Sept.'12), Nain Rouge

Red River Review, August 2012: Two Poems

TUCK Magazine, July 2012: Two Poems- The Costume, That Look

The Book Times: Fiction piece- Trapped, June 15, 2012

Pyrokinection, June 5, 2012: Two Poems- Triomino Effect, Artistic Perception

Writer's Digest Magazine, May/June 2012: Infatuation; November/December 2012: When Testosterone Starts Kicking In

The Christian Journal, March 2012: 9-1-1 Prayer

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Devotional Stories for Tough Times, 2011: Signs of David

The Poetry Gazette, December 6, 2011, under Good Blog Posts/ Poetry

Poetry 24, September 17, 2011: Chocolate Bites

Poetic Bloomings, June 22, 2011: My Interview

The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, June 15, 2011: Childhood Memories

MyDaily, The Calm After the Storm: How to Survive a Hurricane, June 7, 2011

The Christian Communicator, a publication of Christian Writers' Institute, May 2011: One poem

pay attention: a river of stones, edited by fiona robyn & kaspalita, March 2011: Two poems and a quote

Postcard Shorts, January 2011: Lex Talionis

Skive Magazine, "Americana" issue, November 2010: Two poems

The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, Sept. 2010: A Trip in the Woods

poetsespresso, Jun/ Jul 2010: Hot and Cold

Poets for Living Waters, open mic: Tar Scars

Christmas Miracles, by Cecil Murphy and Marley Gibson, 2009: "A Christmas Basket"

Too many parent, coaches drain joy from youth sports / Beaumont Enterprise, 2008


Proud to be part of Didi Menendez's GOSS183 Publishing Group:
 iARTistas (March 2014)~ 2 poems
PoetsArtists (December 2013)~ Collaboration with James Needham, "Resemblances"
PoetsArtists (October 2013)~ Collaboration with Grady Harp & Hector Milia, "Of the Sea and Legends and Echoes"
PoetsArtists (July 2013): Ear
MiPOesias, February 2013, Poem: Water Rides


April 2014~ Top 10- PA Triversen Challenge

Honorable Mention- Writer's Digest Poetic Asides 2013 Chapbook Challenge

Runner-up, No One's Perfect, The Missouri Review Barbie Sonnet Contest, September 2012

Poetic Asides Competitions--
#1 (yes, FIRST PLACE!) Tritina form (February 3, 2012): Infatuated
#2 Nonet form (July 30, 2012) When Testosterone Starts kicking In
#3 Sonnet form (April 18, 2011): I am the Sea
#4 Kyrielle form (March 22, 2010): The Wrath of Nature Shatters Lives

#75 Writer's Digest 77th Annual Short Story Competition, 2008: Top Finalist, Literary Short Story

Golden Triangle Writer's Guild Writing Jar Competition, 2008: 1st place