Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cloud Coverage

"Clouds" by L. Kolp

The sky above abuzz
with deceased relatives
gathering to show respect

while he laments
the release of his father.

Emitting words explosive, 
storm clouds rain down
tears as if lost years

don't matter.
He stands beneath a canopy

of limbs, beneath expression
adequate for his mother, yet
inside a parasite festers

like violent thunder 


Poetic Inspiration~
3WW: adequate, explosive, parasite

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hold Life

lined in autumn colors
a winding path that leads to you
door after door adorned
with wreaths of red, yellow and orange
pumpkins and cornucopias the frames

of mind, I'm a bit unsettled here
walking on waxen floors
so shiny I'm following shadows
to your room where I'll find you
holding onto life


Poetic Inspiration:

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Sea Waltz

a waltz across the sea, it seems
the sailboat rocks methodically

oNe, TwO, tHrEe, OnE, tWo, ThReE

she lies topless catching rays,
his pole is cast throughout the day

oNe, TwO, tHrEe, OnE, tWo, ThReE

at night after their catch is won
a floating bed, it seems finespun

oNe, TwO, tHrEe, OnE, tWo, ThReE


Prompt Inspiration:
Poetry Jam~ The Sea
PU Mid-Week~ Melody