Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pulitzer Remix by the Day

As most of you know, I'm participating in The Found Poetry Review's Pulitzer Remix in honor of National Poetry month. All of my poems are from John Updike's Rabbit at Rest... every word, different theme (can you figure it out?). I had big plans at the beginning of the month to take part in other activities around the web, too. Well, it's not happening and I'm sorry. I just can't keep up with it all along with my personal life and goals. I have decided to make this a running post for the rest of the month. Each day I will add my remix poem for you to read if you'd like. I hope you enjoy!

My wordpress blog, Bird's-Eye Gemini, contains all my other poems from April.


1- Same Subject, Different Story
2- Anything But a Dream
3- The Fa├žade
4- In His Eyes
5- When He Cries
6- Errors in the Morning Paper
7- War Cry
8- Floating
9- The Edge of Death
10- Ten
11- While Reading a Book, His Mind Drifts
12- Post-Electrical Buzz
13- Unaskable Question
14- What is Enough?
15- OD
16- Emptiness in a Crowd
17- Mental Obsession
18- Reunion with an Aging Mother
19- Coming Out of the Red Haze
20- Forgiveness
21- Collapsed Secrets
22- The Gasp
23- Clarity
24- Awakening
25- Stepping Forward
26- Things Are Much Better Sober
27- Glowing Grace
28- haiku
29- Inside (to) Out Happiness
30- Echoes

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Taking it Slow

Three days a week,
a gradual conditioning
to get in shape
the right way.

Week one-
walk six minutes,
 jog one
repeat five times.

Week two-
walk five minutes,
jog two
repeat five times.

And so on…
until week eight’s goal
of jogging thirty minutes
nonstop. Alleluia!

Versus my usual-
walk awhile and get bored
start jogging, reach the high
endurance still remains
by week three, it’s three miles
nonstop, but with pain.

A stress on weak ankles,
Achilles tendons scream and shout
a twist and turn, my muscles pout
not my breath, but my body
getting older, resisting wear
and tear from running; but I
love it still the same.

Will I be able to adhere
to this strict regimen,
a gradual progression
in comparison
to my impatient obsession
of reaching five miles
in two weeks
like I did when I
was younger?

With my daughter
by my side,
I'd say

(I'll keep you posted).


Prompt inspirations:
NaPoWriMo- A walk
PA- Comparison

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hunting Medals

We staked our claim in the parking lot
A yellow school bus with hormonal kids
Waiting to embark on chances sought
In formulas and scientific grids

Hunting for a placement in the state
Competing computations set in time
Against the brightest whizzes, fate
Depending on the nature of the crime

How hard the tests would be that day
How stiff the competition ‘tween their peers
“Get Smart” a squinting scope amid the splay
Strategic fundamentals based in fear

All these needless worries as the pupils sat
Calmly playing games, waiting for their turn
Nervousness a passing-thought caveat
Rewarded efforts solved, experiences earned


You can read more on this event here.

EXCITING NEWS! My mini-chapbook, With TLC, is now published over at Poetic Bloomings.

For the latest Pulitzer Remix poem, please look at the top of the right side-bar where I update daily.

Poetic Asides, Day 9- Hunter/hunted
NaPoWriMo- Mystery

Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Poet's Wedding Crash

I know it's been like forEhVahr (forever) since I posted on this blog, and I do apologize; but it's not that I haven't been writing. In fact, I've had my nose to the grindstone for months working on editing a book and getting poems ready for this project I'm involved in for National Poetry Month. It's called the Pulitzer Remix, and it's put on by The Found Poetry Review. Poets were selected to participate and were assigned a Pulitzer winning book. From that book, we dedicated ourselves to writing a found poem each day for 30 days. 85 books/poets X 30 days = 2,550 new poems! Wow! I worked tirelessly on this in February and March, along with the editing. The book I was given is John Updike's Rabbit at Rest (so please look me up here).

Now it's April, and I feel like a marathon runner who has trained for months, but when the race comes, is left behind. I mean, I was elated when my poems were all written for the Pulitzer Project so that I could devote April to writing new poems every day from various venues such as Poetic Asides PAD and NaPoWriMo... AND keep up with my regular sites. Isn't that what poets do in April? Drive themselves crazy poeming? Not me. I'm stuck. Let down. Depressed. I planned for a huge event~ like a poet's wedding~ and am now... wordless. So I decided to fill you in on what's been going on while hoping to spark my creative juices. Hopefully it works.


In other news, I was delighted to have a piece published in Oh, Sandy: An Anthology of Humor for a Serious Purpose. All proceeds from this book will go to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Also, my photo was chosen as the cover for MiCrow 8: Winter 2013 Luminous.


That's enough about me. What have you been up to?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Galactic Explosion

You said the moon
didn’t taste of cheese,
instead, a dip of Cool Whip
on your tongue, a tease

sliding down your throat
like a sweet milk shake
lighting up your insides,
a firecracker quake.

I said I wanted some
but I only got the sun,
a bitter tangy shock
that made me come undone

and when it all ended
the earth exploded from afar,
I knew at once we were complete
making love, a shining star.


Poetic Asides PAD, Day 2- A bright poem/ dark poem
NaPoWriMo- A lie


*Here is my Day 2 Remix poem*


Monday, April 1, 2013

Welcome April, Welcome All!

Happy National Poetry month! I'm going to be pretty busy writing lots of poems... I love it. Please check out my poems for the Pulitzer Remix. I have the book Rabbit at Rest by John Updike. Every single word for all 30 poems has been taken from the text. Here is my offering for Day 1. I will put a direct link on my sidebar and also on my FB page and Twitter. You can subscribe to daily updates if you'd like. I also plan on linking to my usual sites and offering poems from both the Poetic Asides PAD challenge and NaPoWriMo prompts. Hope to see you there.

What will you be doing this month to honor poetry?