Sunday, February 28, 2010

An Early Morning Debacle
by Laurie Kolp

My youngest woke me early,
he was eager to start his day;
and when we got out to the den
I heard a squish and then “No way!”

Apparently our family dogs
got horribly sick last night,
they pooped and barfed everywhere-
it was not a pretty sight.

I decided to wake my husband
the mess was way too much for me,
and that only made him grouchy
until the battlefield did he see.

So we spent the day shampooing,
cleaning up the carpet’s mess;
while the dog’s played and slept
after their nighttime recess.

An early morning debacle

I find it quite ironic that the very day I was to publish my article on the benefits of having pets while raising children, I should wake up to a den full of dog vomit and diarrhea. It was like an alien had invaded our home and done a number on us. Poor Nicholas was the first to discover the catastrophe when he stepped in one of the messes. After I cleaned him up, we went back to the battlefield. I turned on the lights and saw the dogs sleeping on their favorite spots and not in their kennels, which was not a good sign. Then I looked down at the floor and thought I would be sick. The "stuff" was everywhere! Next I did what any good wife would do- I went to wake up Pete. He was not very happy; I guess he thought it was a minor infraction. I let him wake up a few minutes and went to check on the coffee (which we usually make the night before), and we had forgotten to make it. Now the pukey smell was mixed with a burning odor. What happened, I wondered.

Flash back to last night and you would see me madly typing away at my computer trying to complete my article. Pete was watching the Olympics. Katie and Nicholas were already in bed, but Andrew was at a "late" birthday party. I guess Pete having to go and get him at 10:00, and then me trying to help Andrew get his shower and to bed, threw us off our normal schedules. We went to bed forgetting to lock the dogs in their kennels for the night and without making coffee.

I guess we have a lot to learn before the kids reach their teenage years.

P.S. Pete had to shampoo the carpet, and now it's better than it has been for a while. At least something good came from the whole debacle.

Friday, February 26, 2010


It is our uniqueness that gives freshness and vitality to a relationship.
~Dr. James Dobson

God has shown you His grace in giving you different gifts...So be good servants and use your gifts to serve each other.
~1 Peter 4:10

I went for years unsure of what my "special gift" was. I tried teaching for twelve years(basically because most of the women in my family were teachers of some sort), but never felt like that was my true calling. I became a mother and LOVE being a mom and wife. That job kept me very busy for many years (especially because when I had Nicholas, I had three children under the age of four)- until they started school. Then I had all this empty time in my day while they were away. I can only do laundry and clean house for so long before I feel crazy. I did volunteer at the school for a while until a snobby you-know-what stabbed me in the back and sent me running with my tail between my legs. So I began writing. I had always loved to write stories and poetry as a child. I would spend hours and hours in my room filling notebooks with little stories (chapters and all).

One story stands out in my memory about a girl who had just moved to a beach town. She met a girl on her street and they became friends. They had all kinds of adventures by the beach. Looking back I can see how that story paralleled my life. My family had just moved to another state in an older neighborhood and I was longing for my old neighborhood friends. I guess I took refuge in writing out my fantasies.

Isn't it funny how it took me nearly forty years to find my true calling? Andrew worries about his true calling, or talent as he calls it, and thanks to his teacher he is now doubting his capabilities. Hopefully Andrew can look at me and realize that sometimes it takes a very long time to figure that out. God speaks when He knows you are ready to hear Him.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Update and more...

We are having so much fun watching the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Most of the events interest me this time, whereas in the past I have only watched figure skating. Perhaps it is because I'm getting older. I do get disgusted with the commercials they air during this family program, though. Click here to read my Examiner article about this, and if you are interested in being notified by e-mail each time I publish an article, you can click on the "SUBSCRIBE" button at the top of the article. My pay is based on how many "hits" I get, so your help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if you are a friend on Twitter, I have closed my account for now. I apparently got pirated (is that what they say?) by a third party who is sending out spam to my friends. Believe me, I would NEVER send out anything about male (you-know-what)size enhancement. I mean, pu-lee-ze! I do not care for Twitter anyway.

Update on teacher incident:
My son is now not wanting to go to school, is crying at night and is afraid to do his homework because if he "words something the wrong way" his teacher might yell at him. Pete sent her a note last Wednesday and we have yet to get a response. I spoke with the school counselor and she talked to my son. It helped least for the time being. But how can you undo what has been said to a child, especially when a teacher calls the project he worked so hard on by himself "pitiful" and he interprets it that HE is pitiful? Please tell do you heal that kind of wound?

Monday, February 22, 2010

by Laurie Kolp




Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hot Grape Nuts
by Laurie Kolp

On a feeble attempt to get
acclimated after prison life,
the dry drunk decided to
join The Loner’s Club.
He walked into the first meeting
where he sat in partial silence
and listened to a short sermon
while counting dim lights on the wall.
After the impromptu presentation,
everyone gathered for a
doubles solitaire competition.
The poor man felt pretty bad
so he went searching for
some healthy fast-food
and nonalcoholic beer.
He was stumped for a while
trying to decide between
oven-fried jumbo shrimp,
turkey ham on dry toast,
or cold hot dogs.
The convict turned a blind eye
at the greasy spoon and
asked the male waitress
if he could have a big bowl
of hot Grape Nuts instead.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What If
by Laurie Kolp

What if someone had called
the art work of Monet poor,
or the classic writings of
Emily Bronte nonsense
at the most impressionable,
sweet time of their lives-
childhood, the time when
words are taken at face
value and believed by our
future leaders; and

what if innocence is
squelched by a teacher’s
and a child’s confidence
melts like a piece of
forgotten chocolate
when she tells this
eight year-old child
his drawing is pitiful?

What if he could be the
next Picasso, but
never knows it
because he could
not make his chocolate
look like a Hershey
Kiss again? What if?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What would you do?

Need advice:

What would you do if your child's teacher told him his at-home project was "pitiful and not worthy of turning in" when you know he tried his very best to draw a picture of a former president on his own? What if this very same child has an IQ of 138 and has been reading since he was 3, but his handwriting and drawing skills are not the best? Yeah...that's what I thought you would say.

I'm so sick of keeping my mouth shut and biting my tongue, but I will attempt to do this for the rest of the year, but once school is out, I can't wait to tell you all we have had to put up with this year from this teacher-who-gets-parents-to-grade-her-test-papers.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Valentine Treat

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope your day was full of love- mine sure was, even though I have been sick since Friday. Pete gave me the beautiful tulips and my mom gave me the carnations you see in the picture above. The children have been so sweet with warm wishes, kisses and loving all day. They know I have been sick and have waited on me so sweetly. I love my family!

I was able to sleep in and when I awoke, Pete was making heart-shaped pancakes (we had our Saturday breakfast this morning instead). When I went to get some coffee, there was a bag of bird seed on the counter by the coffee pot. When I asked what it was doing there, the kids opened the front curtains, and...

...I was surprised by this! The new birdhouse on the left was hanging next to the other feeder we have been using since Pete got me the cardinal bird stand last year. We had so much fun watching all the birds try out their new gig. Even a beautiful woodpecker joined them, along with... sweet cardinal to wish me "Happy Valentine's Day," too.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A wonderful weekend

We went to visit our Uncle Chris (Pete's brother) and Aunt Chelsea (my dear sister-in-law) last weekend and while the "boys" had fun playing at the battleship Texas and San Jacinto monument...

...the girls had fun at Chelsea's baby shower, given to her by her wonderful co-workers.

Although some tears were shed (by the mom-to-be when she got a gift from her sweet grandmother who has passed) and scratches were made (from their two Vislas- only one shown in picture below), we had a wonderful time and can't wait for the next baby Kolp!
Some Battles Never End
by Laurie Kolp

“Loose as a hedgehog,”
he pouts about the
umpteenth pair of hand-me-down
jeans mom thinks are treasures,
but her youngest thinks
are leftovers.

“Tight as a water buffalo,”
he cries after his
strong refusal to
wear big brother jeans-
an obstinate battle
that is all too familiar.

Some battles never end.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

...and it's a King Cake baby!

Having lived in Southeast Texas most of my life and New Orleans, too, I have to admit that each year when Mardi Gras approaches, I get excited. Not that we participitate in it anymore, but childhood memories die hard. I remember going to the New Orleans Mardi Gras parades as a child in the early 70s and sitting on my dad's shoulders as I watched the bands and floats go by. We used to go to annual parties decorated with purple, gold and elaborate food, my favorite being the king cake. I wasn't real sure at the time what the grown-ups were doing, but I was always having fun playing with the other kids.
Now I can walk into any grocery store and king cakes bombard the bakery aisles. Our extended family buys several king cakes every year, and the person that gets the 'baby' buys the next cake- this is our standard procedure around Mardi Gras time.
This year is extra special because we get to welcome a new baby boy into the family shortly after Mardi Gras. The dear sweet couple is busy nesting and preparing for their new addition to the family (believe it or not, I'm nesting, too). This is the mom's first child, and as every expectant mother does, she has her set of normal fears. But I just had to share her dream with you (thanks for her permission). I remember having strange dreams while pregnant, so this one doesn't seem too far-fetched to me. I mean- weird dreams and worries- no wonder.

Anyway, the expectant mother dreamed she gave birth to...the king cake baby! And when she tried to nurse it, the little one fell down her shirt...and she couldn't find it. Oh my! Every mother's worse nightmare, or close to it. I'm just grateful she didn't swallow the little peanut.
I only wish I could reassure her that everything will be fine, but sometimes we have to learn these things for ourselves. I LOVE YOU (you know who). I'm off to buy a king cake now.