Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Desert Experiment

Quite adept
at self-preservation,
the scientist
stumbled upon
a prickly pear,
a little too literally
with face needled
& ass in air

its viscous sap
gels hair
and edible fruit


Poetic Inspiration~
Poetry Jam: Deserts
PU Mid-Week Motif: Science
3WW: adept, edible, viscous 


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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Message

animate this:
warm temperatures,
opened windows

thoughts of first
holiday without Mom

last Easter's memories
a broken record--
basket from Nini to kids
candy, money & eggs
with seeds, not chocolate
planted-- pumpkin & squash
watered for weeks
then forgotten,
by summer
overgrown weeds 

impassioned, a bee
flies in and stings
left cheek,
my reaction
an arm-waving scream

parked next to me


Prompt Inspiration--
Poetry Jam: Bees, Birds and Bunnies
PU Midweek Motif- Holidays & Holy Days
3WW: animate, impassioned, pervert

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

one, two, three strikes you're out

 it's horrible, this home
plate I'm on, with eyes
like tasers aimed
at my swing
strike one

okay, I'm sweating now
my slip/slide palms
a slick film,
it seems as if
a hundred pounds
of listless arms
weigh me down
strike two

strike three

how can they call
me moody? I mean
wouldn't you
do the same thing, too?
It's not my fault
I saw a bug
hop across
my shoe

Poetic Inspiration~
Poetry Jam: Baseball & Barriers
PU's Motif: Distractions
3WW: horrible, listless, moody

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

It's About Time

to order the tombstone--
make that a double, says Dad

to mark atop your grave statistics
as if a census

to make this final step,
and then we're done with all we need to do

to admit you're really gone
when we should have had more time


Prompt Inspiration~ Poetry Jam: It's About Time