Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Gift of Words

Prompted: An International Collection of Poems is now available through Amazon and Barnes&Noble. You can also purchase it as an e-book for your Kindle here.

The idea was conceived by an international group of poets that met at Robert Lee Brewer's Poetic Asides, and with the permission granted from Writer's Digest, were able to choose previous prompts from the site to use in the book. Edited by Pearl Ketover Prilik and published by Really Love Your Book , the project was completed in six months. The anthology includes a forward by Robert Lee Brewer.

Among the "prompts" included: type of person, inverted pyramid, prayer, location, love/anti-love poem, all I want, message in a bottle, water, time of day, and after leaving here.

All proceeds go to the non-profit organization Lit World, whose main goal is to "cultivate literacy leaders worldwide."

With just one purchase of this fine book you can help advocate literacy and the "redemptive power of story" throughout the world.

Won't you join me in spreading the word?

The poets:

Daniel Ari
Michele Brenton
Salvatore Buttaci
Anders Bylund
Janet Rice Carnahan
Diana Terrill Clark
RJ Clarken
Barbara Ehrentreu
Hannah Gosselin
Michael Grove
Jacqueline Hallenbeck
Patricia A. Hawkenson
Michelle Hed
Linda Hofke
Cara Holman
Jane Penland Hoover
Khara House
S.E. Ingraham
De Jackson
Elizabeth Johnson
Iain Douglas Kemp
Pearl Ketover Prilik
Kim King
Laurie Kolp
Andrew Kreider
Catherine Lee
Amy Barlow Liberatore
Shannon Bo Lockard
mike Maher 
Nikki Markle
Buddah Moskowitz
Bruce Niedt
Connie L. Peters
Nancy Posey
Jane Shlensky
Jay Sizemore
Sara Vinas
Paula Wanken
Claudette J. Young

{Quotes from LitWorld's Facebook page.}


kaykuala said...

Certainly Ma'am! Far easier through Amazon I think!


Brian Miller said...

very cool laurie...i take it you have a piece in it?

Laurie Kolp said...


I guess I left that out, huh?

I added the little tidbit.

Mary Ann Potter said...

Woo hoo! Three poems in it! Very cool!