Saturday, June 2, 2012

One Proud Momma

This isn't going to be your typical Proud Momma Brag Session. No, I don't do normal; but I would like to share with you the amazing accomplishments of my children.

Nicholas, May 2012

Let's start with my youngest. Nicholas has been my nonreader... up until this year, that is. In kindergarten, he was too busy trying to convince me to let him stay home. Reading was going to storytime at the library with Mom and viewing pop-up books on trucks. In first grade, he fought it tooth and nail, received the "Most Likely to Become a Lawyer" award; and in second grade, he'd pick up a book here and there, set it down and start another- never finishing any of them. This year in third grade he took off, and I must admit Percy Jackson is my hero. Nicholas loves to read so much that it interfered with his school work at times. He went from reading just barely at grade level to having the highest AR points in his grade and making a 96 on the STARR reading test. Now he's rapping with a British accent, songs he's written. I'm so proud of him.

Andrew, May 2012

Andrew taught himself to read at the age of three. When he saw big sister bringing little booklets home from kindergarten, he sat with her and learned as she read. He read Harry Potter books the summer before he stared first grade, I kid you not! Every year has been a breeze; he is never challenged. Thankfully he's always had teachers who were willing to find work on his level. Last year, his teacher wanted him to skip fifth grade. We didn't because he is the youngest in his class already.  On awards day, he got a workout climbing the stairs to the stage so many times. The principal even made the comment that he should just stay there. He got highest GPA in every subject, along with recognition for his superior in Number Sense UIL and placement in the Spelling Bee. Parents ask if we send him to Kumon. No. Oh, I must work with him. No. In fact, I've never seen his homework because he's done before school lets out. Andrew received a 100 on both the STARR Reading and Math, a 97 on Science. But guess what was the most important award to him? Perfect attendance! Yes, this is something he's never done; every other year he's been bombarded with bronchitis and breathing machines. To get perfect attendance was an achievement. I'm so proud of Andrew.

Katie, May 2012
Now for my beautiful daughter, Katie. She has done so well this year with Future Problem-Solving, Creative Writing, UIL, completion of the SAT through the DUKE University talent search. Not only did she take the same test high school juniors and seniors take, but she qualified for admittance into college! Now that's some feat. Unfortunately, the sorry counselor didn't show up at the awards ceremony to recognize her and the few others who did the same (less than five). It was in the program and she decided to skip... grr... that's another story. Luckily, Katie had been recognized last Saturday at an official Duke ceremony held at Lamar University. We don't have Katie's report card or STARR scores yet because, well, the counselor is doing God only knows what... but I know they'll be stellar like they always are. I'm so proud of Katie.

Not only have the kids done well in school, but they also excel in extracurricular activities and will continue through the summer in dance, Taekwondo, swimming, scout camps, etc. I am truly grateful for the wonderful children God has blessed me with.

Okay, I know... it was a typical Proud Momma Brag Session, but what else do you expect?


Linda H. said...

It's not alway the case that one's parenting skills show in their child. I've seen people who "do everything right" and have one or more of the lot go astray for some reason. But in your case, your love shines through in them. Great kids from a great mom. Pat yourself on the back, Laurie. You rock!

Kathe W. said...

you are blessed-what great children!