Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I WILL work out again...

Ever since my frozen shoulder pushed me into physical therapy, I've had a yearning to get back to the gym. I realize how much I miss the clang of metal weights drowning out top forty music and the malodorous bodies stepping off the cardio machines dabbing sweat with white hand towels.

Now this urge has steadily grown over the summer and I find myself romanticizing the time in my life when I had gym memberships and ran five miles a day; especially since my shoulder stiffens up when I don't do my mundane stretches. I just know a gym would help!

Pete once surprised me with a fully paid year-long gym membership. It was in-between birthing three babies in four years. I was falling asleep in the shower when I was lucky enough to have one. Needless to say, I can count on both hands the total amount of times I went to work out. I think I might have a wee bit of a problem trying to coax him into another one.

Years later, when the itch reappeared, I decided I'd just have to build up my own repertoire. I escaped to Target when the kids were in school and bought all the stretchy pully, arm shaking, thigh squeezy things I could find. Two weeks tops, and they were carefully tucked away in a drawer. Next, I tried the Wii Fit Plus, but it only lasted through the month of January; I'd much rather write in that spare time. Finally, I've always done push ups... until the frozen shoulder ordeal. Sigh.

Yesterday, Katie did some Wii yoga and reminded me that I was once the champ with the highest score. Hmm...

Then an hour later, I had an encounter that proved to me that the man upstairs really wants me to get back to the gym. I was at the drugstore buying a get-well card for someone. I had on sweats because where I was going is freezing cold. A lady who looked a little familiar, but I just couldn't put my finger on it, came up to me while I was checking out.

"You going to the gym today?" She said.

"What? Uh, no."

"I'm headed for Cathy's class, then some weights. Isn't she great?"

"Oh, yeah... sure, she is." I do know a Cathy who is pretty special. I smiled, paid for my cards and then waved goodbye.

I just know that was a sign from God. The problem is... will Pete be convinced?

I have it all planned out- when I drop Katie off at dance, which is four times a week, I'll go work out in the gym down the street. Pete can taxi Andrew and Nicholas to and fro on the nights he's not in school. When he is in class, I'll send the boys to Taekwondo classes that sync with my exercise schedule. Sounds great, but something tells me it's a pipe dream.

 Keep your fingers crossed, and I'll keep you posted.


Susan said...

I'll go one better than crossed fingers; I'll hold you in the Light.

Laurie Kolp said...

Thank you Susan.

Dave King said...

Such meticulous planning augers well for the success of your scheme! All power to you.

Merle said...

Great plan that I too need to follow. If you aim for four times a week and reach three it's still a dream come true. Go for it!

Jaye Fiecke said...

That’s good to hear, Laurie. Do you still go to the gym? I hope so. =) Regular physical activity is a good factor to boost your mood. For one, it helps to stimulate brain chemicals, called endorphins, which is responsible for making you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Gwen Knight said...

A few months ago, I also had a frozen shoulder. The stiffness and the soreness were so excruciating that shampooing my hair was already difficult. It was then that I was advised to try a Swedish massage. My PT said that this type of massage therapy increases the level of oxygen in blood, thus decreasing toxicity levels in the muscles.

Darlene Fanning said...

Well, my sister suffered from a frozen shoulder. She’s okay now after going through some treatments. However, her physician still advises her to continue with stretching exercises to keep her shoulder joint flexible. Likewise, a once a week-massage is very vital as it relieves muscle tension and spasms.