Saturday, September 1, 2012

A HURRication Paradise

Photo by L. Kolp
100 Lazy Days

My safe haven,
heaven in a backyard scene;
a white wrought-iron seat
between a green vine heart
connecting me to you.
As above the bluest blue,
bluer than Paul Newman's eyes,
a waterfall trickles
lucid thoughts a splash, a drop
of doubt
of fear
of what I left behind;
Ike's wrath the path to here,
a HURRication
one might have thought
they'd only find in movies.

This is a picture of where I stayed after Hurricane Ike. The whole family rode out the storm (BAD decision). The next day, a friend and I took the kids to her brother's house. This picture of his backyard is merely a snippet of this paradise where we stayed. After Hurricane Rita, we had stayed with family members in another beautiful part of Dallas. There have been so many evacuations in my children's memories that they have come to think of them as hurricane vacations, or HURRications. I pray we don't take one this year.


Prompt inspiration: Imaginary Gardens- Sunday Photo Prompt


Brian Miller said...

wow glad you had the safe haven to retreat to...i know the thought of it rather freaks my boys out....the electrical storm and power outage were enough for them....having a pool with a waterfall would be pretty cool too...smiles.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Laurie...that is a hurrication. Your kids know that evacuation is the thing to do! Glad you are fine :)

Hannah said...

Wow...Laurie...nature can be SO intense...I'm glad you're all safe and that you have some good memories to glean from the hurrcation places...this image is gorgeous!! :) Thank you for sharing yourself with the Toads!!

Scarlet said...

I like the image of the safe haven...glad to read that your family is safe from these hurricanes ~

Thanks for sharing your photos Laurie ~

Mary said...

Wow, if one is going to take a 'hurricane vacation,' this is a beautiful setting in which to take one. You have taken beautiful photos, Laurie.

Susan said...

"As above the bluest blue,
bluer than Paul Newman's eyes,
a waterfall trickles"
(a totally luscious blue, oh let me stare!)
"lucid thoughts a splash, a drop
of doubt
of fear
of what I left behind . . ."
(clear, lucid, foggy, misted, breathed out hanks to this paradise!)

Peggy said...

Beautiful setting here for a scary time. Those storms must be something to experience--but perhaps only once. I hope you do not have a hurrication this year. I liked the feature on your photos and your thoughts about writing and photography--it fits well with my way of seeing the world as well.

Unknown said...

Hurrications! Like that word. I needs to be added to the urban dictionary!

Kerry O'Connor said...

Hurricanes are very much in our thoughts this week, and safe haven during the storm is always a blessing.

Amrit Sinha said...

It was good to know you guys are safe ... keep enjoying life :-)

Dave King said...

Ike's wrath the path to here,
a HURRication
one might have thought
they'd only find in movies.

Powerful bit of writing this!

Marian said...

gorgeous, Laurie. your photos are wonderful! i like this one in particular and am working on something inspired by it :)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

This is my favorite of the photos you offered - so lovely a spot. It is harsh having so many hurricanes. May you always stay safe through their passages.

Kay L. Davies said... goodness, the thought is appalling to me, but I'm glad your children see the bright side of an otherwise terrifying situation.
Beautiful poem to go with a beautiful poem. I love "bluer than Paul Newman's eyes"!

Susie Clevenger said...

A beautiful place for a Hurrication. I too remember those evacuations and pray there will not be a need for one this year.

Teresa said...

Glad you found safety. It certainly is a beautiful place to take refuge.