Friday, March 22, 2013

A Loving Tribute

In memory of a cherished friend,
a heart balloon with "You are loved" written on it,
 sent heavenward.

Has it really been five years?
Pow! Pow! A neighbor's gun.
Has it really been five years?
Ring! Ring! A life-changing call.
Has it really been five years?
Flash! Flash! Nightmarish visions.
Has it really been five years?
Swoosh! Swoosh! Peaceful waves.
Has it really been five years?
Chirp! Chirp! Loving reminders.
Gone, but never forgotten
Healed, but forever scarred
R.I.P. My dear friend, Mary


mrs mediocrity said...


De Jackson said...

Oh, Laurie. This has brought near tears. Beautiful, my friend. Hugs and prayers.

Brian Miller said...

sometimes it is hard to believe how quickly time passes in the after...and it feel just like yesterday we knew them...i like your ceremony with the balloon..def some cool symbolism in it....

jane hewey said...

a peaceful, graceful tribute, Laurie.
thank you.

Ellecee said...

A beautiful tribute,,,,

Mary said...

One never stops missing someone who is close in one's life. Losses continue to be losses forever.

Gail said...

Rimming with sadness.

Maude Lynn said...

A beautiful tribute, Laurie.

alan1704 said...

Lovely, time passes so quickly, and my thoughts are with you. A wonderful tribute.

Lisa A. Williams said...

So sad, what a loving tribute to your friend.