Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hunting Medals

We staked our claim in the parking lot
A yellow school bus with hormonal kids
Waiting to embark on chances sought
In formulas and scientific grids

Hunting for a placement in the state
Competing computations set in time
Against the brightest whizzes, fate
Depending on the nature of the crime

How hard the tests would be that day
How stiff the competition ‘tween their peers
“Get Smart” a squinting scope amid the splay
Strategic fundamentals based in fear

All these needless worries as the pupils sat
Calmly playing games, waiting for their turn
Nervousness a passing-thought caveat
Rewarded efforts solved, experiences earned


You can read more on this event here.

EXCITING NEWS! My mini-chapbook, With TLC, is now published over at Poetic Bloomings.

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Poetic Asides, Day 9- Hunter/hunted
NaPoWriMo- Mystery


Brian Miller said...

ha i feel a bit of the anxious energy in this laurie...the pent up energy of waiting for it to happen...to perform and be graded....experience earned for sure...

Brian Miller said...

oh and congrats on the chapbook

Ellecee said...

I think sometimes we parents worry more than the kids do,,,they are nervous but seem to be able to set it aside until the time comes,,,sharing fun and laughter in between,,,I enjoyed this poem,,,

21 Wits said...

Congrats, Laurie, how exciting this is! Great chapbook too!

Brian Miller said...

fyi--the pulitzer site wont let me comment....

here is what i wrote...

what an interesting thought...the pain so great allowing you to hear gods voice....and in turn it turning things to more value...cool short laurie...

alan1704 said...

Caught that excited feeling and the emancipation that goes with it. Very good. and congrats on the book.