Saturday, April 13, 2013

Taking it Slow

Three days a week,
a gradual conditioning
to get in shape
the right way.

Week one-
walk six minutes,
 jog one
repeat five times.

Week two-
walk five minutes,
jog two
repeat five times.

And so on…
until week eight’s goal
of jogging thirty minutes
nonstop. Alleluia!

Versus my usual-
walk awhile and get bored
start jogging, reach the high
endurance still remains
by week three, it’s three miles
nonstop, but with pain.

A stress on weak ankles,
Achilles tendons scream and shout
a twist and turn, my muscles pout
not my breath, but my body
getting older, resisting wear
and tear from running; but I
love it still the same.

Will I be able to adhere
to this strict regimen,
a gradual progression
in comparison
to my impatient obsession
of reaching five miles
in two weeks
like I did when I
was younger?

With my daughter
by my side,
I'd say

(I'll keep you posted).


Prompt inspirations:
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Anonymous said...

:) You can do it!!!!

Jerry said...

I started doing sit-ups two weeks ago and plan to thread in push-ups soon.

Ellecee said...

"You go girl",,,you can do it and think how much less painful it will be,,,although sometimes I think we use pain as a badge of success,,,I've gotten over that now, thank goodness :-) Best of luck and we'll be watching,,

alan1704 said...

Wonderful, love the poem but it all seems too much pain for me..better sitting a writing..smiles

Brian Miller said...

whew....go for it Laurie...that will be some work for sure...smiles...glad you have that co-pilot to encourage you along the way....

Susan said...

Feel like I've gotten a new recipe, so someday I can join in too. Nice detail, emotion.

Mary said...

Good luck, Laurie. You can do it.

Unknown said...

You go, girl!

Gail said...

Wonderful plan.

Wishing you great success and much enjoyment...minus the pain.

Pat Hatt said...

Quite the plan indeed at your feed, sure it can be done, especially if there is lots of sun.

Sarav said...

Laurie, I so relate to this! I used to run all the time, and now I can't (blew out my knee). A hard fact to reconcile, because I love running. But we do have to give ourselves time to adjust--it just is boring! Good Luck!! :-)

Brother Ollie said...

a good poem, and a wise method!

Suzy said...

A great way to motivate yourself and I hope you succeed. Great job - poem and exercise regime!

Margaret said...

I'm doing something similar and I have a new "friend" Jillian Michaels... ;P (google her )

Anonymous said...

Good luck! I love exercise =) I have trouble taking full exhales, I can inhale but I can't push out the carbon dioxide fast enough so when I run I yawn excessively. I sometimes wonder if its not mild asthma because I train regularly. That is so wonderful you are running with your daughter =)

Helen said...

Yes you can!

Yes you have!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Good for you, kiddo. I dont have the physical ability to maintain an exercise program any more. Sigh. Cleaning houses seems to be my workout these days - not nearly as satisfying as a good long walkand jog.