Thursday, November 11, 2010

PAD Challenge: Days 10 and 11

No One Wants to Hear
by Laurie Kolp

No one wants to hear
one-sided conversations
bearing cavernous secrets
and barbarous notions,
advice given so freely
to mystical plebeians
on the phone’s other side

while innocently
strolling through parks,
waiting in check-out lines,
riding elevators to the top,
seeking quiet in a hustled world;
no one wants to hear you talk-
say goodbye and go home.

You Know You’re in Love…
by Laurie Kolp

…when sinking in piles of stinky shit
roses smother the rotten egg smell

…when flying high in turbulence
an eagle’s smooth glide carries you

…when an endless maze appears baffling
yet serenity shows you the way

…when worries as heavy as elephants
find you skipping in a circus show.

Then love has blinded you so.

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