Sunday, August 7, 2011

Let It Go

wind-swept scars immured in cement curtains
morning torments the plinth from which they form
off-key notes a rusty memory forever calling
fantasies of tender moments in the sun

funny how we romanticize the happy times
while agony amasses walls around our hearts
false prophets crawling beneath corrosive pain
until you demolish barriers only God can part

@laurie kolp

Prompt inspiration: Sunday Whirl


brenda w said...

I love the word "immured." Thanks for bringing it to my attention. The wordle words disappear in the honest exploration of the poem. The ending is strong with hope.

Daydreamertoo said...

Powerful imagery here. Sad, but lovely.

vivinfrance said...

Clever girl to write such flowing poetry from the wordle words.

Mary said...

Yes, we do romanticize the happy times, but that's ok, I think.
Nice wordle.

Marianne said...

Well done, Laurie. "Wind-swept scars immured in cement curtains" is a spectacular first line!

Nanka said...

The last line speaks volumes and very little of those 'false prophets'.
Good read indeed!!

Mike Patrick said...

Great poem. I had to look up ‘immured,’ surprising when I think of all the bad guys I’ve immured in my day.

Traci B said...

Potent poem, Laurie. It's true - only God can demolish those defensive walls we build to protect our hearts. Well wordled.