Saturday, August 6, 2011

A bachelorette party at the mall?

I spent the entire day at the mall, but I wasn't shopping. I was there to support Katie as she danced with her competition team (Nicholas performed hip-hop, too). It's like a weekend-long recital. The dance studio sets up in the middle of the mall where Santa will soon be sitting amidst a wonderland of fake snow (but right now it feels like a sauna because the skylights let in too much August heat). As the day wore on, I became a little anxious and frazzled; nothing unusual for most moms, right?

Well, apparently there were more hot and bothered moms at the other end of the mall.

After lunch one of the girl's grandmothers, who is also a friend, walked up to me and asked if I had seen what happened. I was astounded by her words. My mind started to whirl.

A mother flashed lots of people by Dillard's? You're kidding? What has become of today's society?

I could just see it now; Mardi Gras madness in the mall.

My friend proceeded to tell me about the incident. She said a ruckus broke out when two of the moms started playing tug-o-war with a purse. People whipped out there phones and began taking pictures. Massive crowds gathered. For some odd reason, many froze like mannequins in display windows. Several even... planked?

They exercised? This is getting weirder by the minute.

Apparently a good-looking man in a suit showed up. He broke up the catfight and then ripped his shirt open.

Oh, my God, a male stripper. Maybe it's a bachelorette party at the mall?

"He was wearing a Superman shirt underneath his suit! You want to see the pictures I took?" She said.

"What did you say this was?" I finally asked.

"A flash mob."

"OOhhh.... I thought you had asked me if I'd seen the flash MOM."

I told you I'm hard of hearing.


Click here for more about today's event.

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Lanell Stuart said...

You have a funny side. Who knew?