Monday, April 30, 2012

I'll Never Forget

I remember your exuberance
Exuberance, exuberance
I remember your smile
Your smile, smile
I remember your zest for life
Z-e-s-t- Go Life!
I remember your undying support
I remember your last day
The last day
I remember
Yes, I re-mem-ber

©laurie kolp

Prompt inspiration: Day 30 NaPoWriMo- 3 I remember’s
PA- A fade away poem


Brian Miller said...

but the words seem to be fading fast...smiles....nice effect with the diminishing font laurie...

Unknown said...

Like the intensity of the first lines and the decline in subsequent lines. Sad, Laurie.

teri said...

You will always remember. Keep writing it out. Sending hugs.

kaykuala said...

A clever way of presentation. A graphic display of the lingering feel until it disappears. How nice. Great write Laurie!


Buddah Moskowitz said...

Look at you, with all your fancy-schmancy font sizes! It would all be empty costuming were it not for the great poem. Well done. - Mosk

Mary said...

Very sad, Laurie. Poetry will maintain the memories.

Sarav said...

Oh Laurie I love this. The phrasing, sizing, beautifully poignant.