Wednesday, July 4, 2012

If I Had One Wish

I’d hope for world unity
Commencing in this country
With politicians letting go
Of their overactive egos
Their game of control in Washington
Stilled by a peaceful transition
As humble role models who often agree
A buffer within the community
Patriotic red, white and blue
Joined together with me and you

©laurie kolp

Prompt inspirations:

3WW- buffer, transition, unity
Poetic Asides- Patriotic


Daydreamertoo said...

If only... America has lived on the false dream for so long instead of the real world where everything is given to us not as a right (as so many kids seem to think these days) but, by earned through working for them.
We all should stop worshiping money and greed and start really showing care and compassion for those less fortunate than us. When I think of how others live in dreadful conditions and such poverty, that eating once a day to a child is such a gift, I am truly humbled when I think of how rich I am compared to them.
This is deep and heartfelt.
Happy July 4th Laurie.

Dandelion Girl said...

A very good poem for the 4th of July. I wish your wish could come true.

joanne said...

I am so amazed how everyone, and I mean everyone except benefitting politicos, agrees the 'system' is broken....why can't our representatives get on the same page as their constituents who elected them, and effect some change?! Damn, after last nite's fireworks, I was feeling so patriotic!

Jae Rose said...

An appropriate wish for today..Jae

Chris said...

I hope so too, nice dedication for July 4th.

Ellecee said...

A wish shared by many I feel sure,,,,nicely done,,,

Brian Miller said...

bang on...i hear you....and i would sign up for that ...smiles....happy 4th laurie

Berowne said...

Im afraid you're expecting too much of politicians... :-)

Scribbler said...

A wish of many people, too bad it's not one of any of the people in Washington! Great blend of the two prompts.

Mary said...

I do wish the politicians would be statesmen instead of only doing things that will keep them in office or get them into office. I think it is a world problem, and it seems to be getting worse.

George S Batty said...

tiz a great dream but alas the definition of unity for the politicians of today is "my way or the highway"

Old Egg said...

The problem is ours we keep voting the wrong people in! Those that seem OK become chameleons in office.

Archna Sharma said...

Yes, I think letting go of that "overactive ego" is the first step, not only with politicians but also within our own local communities. Within this raging global market, I don't see much hope for peace. I have the same wish, a peaceful transition.

Sarav said...

I'm right there with you Laurie! Perfectly penned. :-)

Sheilagh Lee said...

wouldn't that be nice if our politicians actually listened.