Friday, July 6, 2012

Name this book...

It's hot in here, and not just because it's summer. If I tell you why, you have to promise not to say a word. Are your lips sealed? Okay. I'm steaming hot because of a book. I don't usually read books like this, but some of my friends were talking and I finally had to see what the fuss was about. Oh. My. God. Can you guess which book I'm talking about?

On a whim, I bought it for my iPad thinking I was safe, that it wouldn't be delivered to our other Kindles. Then I asked a friend if she'd read it and she said no, that it was like porn; but some of her friends had and their husbands loved it (if you know what I mean)! Too late, it was already there at my fingertips.

Once I began reading it, I felt like a sneaky teenager. I had to cup my hands around the iPad so my kids couldn't see a thing. Every page had the F- word. They'd walk by and I'd pull it up to my chest and look at them like a guilty child.

"Whatcha doin'?" They'd ask.

"NOTHING! Not a thing, really."

Then they'd look at me all funny-like as I buried my head back into the book. Pete even asked me what I was reading. This was before I told him. For awhile I felt so ashamed, I didn't even want him to know. I was preparing for confession, wondering if the priest would know what I'd read. But when Pete asked me, I did the same thing I'd done with the kids.

"Oh, it's just some book," I said.

I was glued to the story and didn't want to put it down because I just knew he was in love with her and might change. He'd give up his sadistic ways for her. Plus, it was hot. Pete soon found that out, had no problem with what I was reading. In fact, he was very pleased (if you know what I mean).

Remember I said I thought it would only be sent to my Kindle? Well, it was sent to all of them. Imagine my horror when I saw the book on the carousel, dangling in front of my children's eyes. I poked and prodded, archived and downloaded, then archived again. I hope it's been taken care of.

If you think you know what book I'm talking about, leave a comment. I might have something for you.


When Words Escape said...

Hmmm...perhaps you're fifty shades of blush about now?

Chris Wood said...

And just when I thought it was safe for you to go back into the water!!!

Patricia Anne McGoldrick said...

Oh Laurie, thanks for this Friday night laugh! Coming from some shared faith values , I want to tell you that Harlequin romances were verboten for my older sisters.,I guess each generation has its limits? Take care dear poet of Texas!

Linda H. said...

I don't have the book and haven't read it...yet...but they did put an excerpt in one of our tabloid papers over here. I was glad you-know-who didn't get a hold of it. She is way too young for that kind of reading.

The Bug said...

LOL - that's funny! I guess that's one advantage of not having kids :)

Kathe W. said...

is it the boopk entitled "You Cant Read This Book"?