Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I try to wrap
my brain around
a number I
imagine, so vast
it makes me
halt, so fast
it overloads
my one-track
mind, pushes
all the words
to the point of no
return. I find
a place I beg
to differ
is no different
than this poet's
letter vault.
@laurie kolp
 Prompt inspiration: 3WW- differ, halt, imagine


Jae Rose said...

A treasure trove of letters ready to be plundered..and turned into fine poems..(I love your laurel crown also)..Jae

Daydreamertoo said...

A poet's letter vault. Love that :)
Sometimes we think a thought so big our mind's truly cannot fathom it.
Another great piece of writing Laurie.

Buddah Moskowitz said...

Wonderful, wonderful!

Scribbler said...

Letters have always been more understandable to me than numbers. I adore the idea of a vault stuffed with letters. Wonderful write!

Sheilagh Lee said...

I love that a poet's letter vault

joanne said...

Can't imagine the amounts of money sports figures make! Numbers are mind-boggling, yes, but, i agree that words are more manageable..

Brian Miller said...

smiles...picking through the poets letter vault is a rather fun sounding exercise...perhaps it is as vast as that unfathomable number...

Unknown said...

A poet's letter vault...I like that image!

Unknown said...

Laurie, I so like that concept of a "poet's letter vault"!

Anonymous said...

I too like the 'letter vault', and some numbers just cannot be grasped. good job.

Mary-Ann said...

Laurie, I look forward to your posts each week. You delight my senses. I immediately visualized a letter vault--great image.

Old Egg said...

Yes, there are those of us that plunder the letter vault to create works of great magnitude that numbers for us have not the power. Well put indeed.

Susan said...

The largest number
"is no different
than this poet's
letter vault"!

I try to imagine that and come up with an unfathomable large amount of letters that cannot be contained and certainly cannot be pushed to any point!

You are a lusciously devious poet, Laurie--No wonder you just published another 2. Congratulations!

unfetteredbs said...

all the words
to the point of no

love this...

Day Dreamer said...

Rhythmic and it takes me on a journey of self discovery :) great write!