Friday, January 1, 2010

The decade in review, part II

Once upon a time, Uncle Mark (Pete's oldest brother) used to visit us frequently. The kids always looked so forward to seeing him, and we all enjoyed the family together time. But now Uncle Mark's job (which has him moving all over the country), along with a girlfriend, has stolen his free time. We are left wondering when sweet Uncle Mark will come and visit us again. This picture was taken a long time ago (almost seven years). Katie adores Uncle Mark, as you can see by her cute expression. Andrew still carried his "binky," which he preferred upside-down towards the end. Baby Nicholas is oblivious to the whole thing, but happy anyway.

Last night in a phone conversation with Mark, I was remembering the time he came to visit and Andrew was just a little baby (fussy- I might add). I really did not know Mark that well yet. Pete had to leave to go to work (it was bedtime), and I had to get Katie to bed. But Andrew was very fussy due to his acid reflux and I had been walking around with him trying to soothe him. When I needed to spend time with Katie, I handed Andrew to Mark and said, "Here. Can you take care of him for a minute?" Keep in mind now, that Mark is a bachelor and has never had any children of his own; he would much rather have puppies. But the good sport took the baby and walked around the house with him. When I came out of Katie's room, I was humored to find Mark holding Andrew quite awkwardly, with a nervous expression on his face. I grabbed the baby and had Mark sit down- he looked like he could use a break. We love you Uncle Mark and hope you come and see us soon!

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Jeni said...

That's a sweet tribute to uncle Matt! He must be so proud ;)