Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How I roll...

I know I have been somewhat incognito the past several weeks, but it's all been for good reason.  First, the kids were out of school for the holidays, and we were busy enjoying each other in between the petty sibling quarrels.  Now that they have been back in school for two days, I'm trying to catch up on the sundry projects I have going on all over the place: editing and revising my novel, polishing and submitting work, and participating in a River of Stones.  In what little spare time I do have I eat, pray and love.  Seriously, I try to eat healthy and drink plenty of water, I pray constantly for guidance and patience (some other things, too), and I strive for love in everything I do.

That's why when something that happened yesterday happens, it really irritates me.  What, might you ask, could that be?  Well, I received an email from a disgruntled employee who was fired before Christmas.  She worked at a place that one of my children attends for extracurricular activities.  Apparently she somehow managed to get the entire email list of every parent and student, and sent out a very unethical letter.  It was three pages long, single spaced; and it went on and on about how she was mistreated and betrayed. 

I was angry that she sent this for my child to read, and therefore possibly form a skewed opinion toward the leader of the pack, per se.  My child is not even in any of the letter writer's "classes"  anyway, so why bother us?  I thought it was inappropriate and tacky.  And I also felt sorry for the other person, the one who fired this lady.  There are always two sides to every story.  A friend once told me something very wise: when you point one finger at someone just remember- three are pointing back at you. 

This morning I woke up and I wanted to retaliate.  I wanted to reply to the nasty-gram and tell that venegeful woman to leave us out of her conflict, but I didn't.  I prayed for her instead.  And guess what?  The feeling passed. 

I think it's funny how I can let something so unimportant waste time running rent-free through my head (the email), and the big things I can ease on through (the kid's arguments).  I guess that's how I roll.  What about you?


Sylvia Ney said...

I would have been furious as well! I'm glad you didn't respond, it might have just fed into her rant party and fueled more emails. Congrats on controlling your temper (something I struggle with everyday).

Jeni said...

You are human, that is why you felt what you did. That was wrong of that person, but you did the right thing. You "thought it through" and didnt' take the negative bite. As my mom would say, "don't stoop to their level" ~ you didn't! You were better than that :)