Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Floating around in circles

My colorful mind spins in a circuitous path. It's as if my thoughts are spaghetti and my ideas are meatballs. For example, tonight as I gathered up a fistful of hair that had fallen out during my shower, I wondered if I could be shedding because of the scorching heat like dogs do.

And cats... which led me to thinking of the Smurf movie we saw today (very cute, by the way). The cat had swallowed a piece of Smurfette's hair and gagged it up. TMI! Such strong images for a new poem, though.

Which reminded me of our neighbors cat, one that I never knew about, but apparently he's had her for years. A few days ago I saw a decrepit-looking black cat with white paws sleeping in my front lawn like a hungover drunk in a tuxedo. Come to find out it was her. She just magically reappeared (because the caviar she was being fed from those kidnappers didn't make up for their family, or so the neighbor said).

They were supposed to take the cat into the vet, and I hadn't seen her lately so I asked Pete (after I got out of the shower), "Have you seen the cat?"

He said, "That's a good question."

"She's got depression?" I'm hard of hearing.

Which led me to my cat George. George is gone now (but the neighbor's cat is the spitting image of him, which really threw me for a loop at first). He became very depressed when we moved from the apartment to this house. He wouldn't eat and grew anorexic. Poor George nearly died. I found him curled up on his death bed in the corner of my closet one day when I got home from work. We had to feed him through syringes to make him start eating again. He was as depressed as cats come. I wish we lived in California where I could have taken him to a pet shrink, gotten him on Prozac.

Speaking of shrinks...

See what I mean?

Picture inspiration by Alias Jinksy: In Tandem #4


Jinksy said...

Sheesh! So my dotty image has a lot to answer for, it seems! Hehehe! Thanks for playing, nevertheless...♥

vivinfrance said...

Your mind wanders in much the same way that mine does. I like this zany piece of writing.

Sylvia Ney said...

LOL, do you think all women are this way or it only happens after giving birth? I remember thinking my parents were crazy when I was young, now that I have my own, I know I made them that way! ;-)

jabblog said...

It's amazing how the mind wanders when allowed to;-)

Margaret said...

... wandering minds - the very essence of creativity! :)

Jeni said...

fun wander :)... i really recognize my wandering mind when i try to meditate. Its amazing the stuff our mind digs up and brings to surface.