Friday, October 28, 2011

Balancing Billy

Billy the Penguin slid through the ice
bumped his head and fell down twice,
until his wife knit five colorful bands
to wear on his tail, fins and "hands"
for balance with magnets inside--
and now Billy the Penguin can glide.

@laurie kolp

Picture/prompt inspiration: In Tandem


The Bug said...

I'm a penguin fanatic so I love this anyway, but more importantly where can I get some balance bands? I sure could use them!

Laurie Kolp said...

I'm not sure, but if you find out please let me know... I need them, too.

Thank you.

kaykuala said...

I suppose the peculiar gait of the penguin may necessitate a balance band.Great verse!


Jinksy said...

Love the idea of balancing bands - and aren't magnets supposed to cure sea sickness, too? LOL Thank you so much for hopping on the Tandem again for a chilly ride with my penguin. ♥

Unknown said...

Cool made me smile ....thank you x

Rachel Hoyt said...

Awwwww... what a cute rhyming story! Did you know there is a whole charity that knits sweaters for penguins that have been victims of oil spills? So they don't try to clean their feathers and ingest yucky things? It's really cute, but billy's story is cuter. :)

jabblog said...

I think there are quite a few penguins who would benefit from these:-)