Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Committed to Not Drink Diet Coke

On this first day of Lent
I solemnly do swear
to commit
to quit
the absurdity
the shit

of drinking
diet soda
chugging acid
down my gut

another deadly habit
I've attached to
pick-up lines--
school, not bars
dear loves;
what would
my husband think?

Yes, in the carpool
line I enjoy
my Diet Coke,
but not the next
six weeks--
I'll commit
to just...
Starbuck's coffee,
yeah, that's it!
No more poison
down my throat.


Prompt inspiration: Poets United Verse First~ Committed- I am giving up diet drinks, but the Starbucks part was my muse's silly idea. It's mostly water and milk for me (except my morning java start me up) for Lent.


JayG said...

Hah. Took me a second reading to associate 'pickup lines' with 'carpool' at school. Clever. Got me. May your Lenten experience feed your soul (in lieu of diet coke).

Brian Miller said...

haha....yeah no more are going to have to lay off a whole lot more than diet coke....smiles...funny how we do trade one addiction for another you know....

Susie Clevenger said...

Good luck! I need to give up lots of vices...I shall have a grab bag

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I enjoyed this, kiddo. Starbucks isnt much improvement tho, hee hee!

Susan said...

Pretty neat poem!
It's all that
waiting in line that
leads to vice.
If I knew
the narrator,
I would suggest
lollipops instead.

Ravenblack said...

Ha. This made me smile. :) Starbucks coffee next year perhaps? :)

Grace said...

Good for you ~ You know that drinking a pop soda is like drinking a glass of sugar ~

All the best ~

Sheila said...

way to go. Good Lent to ya. :)

Mary said...

I think you will do it, Laurie. Once you make a commitment, you keep it.

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

Yay! Good for you!!! I loved this Laurie!

Unknown said...

You can do it! AFter 6 weeks you might not even want another Diet Coke!

rch said...

Well I'm glad you're not giving up writing ;-) good luck.

Anonymous said...

i recently read drinking diet drinks makes you depressed

journey with a new friend

moondustwriter said...

Lori best with your commitment to stay off the diet sodas they were addicting.
A clever Adios

Jennifer Wagner said...

I like the 'pick-up' lines...ha :-)

Unknown said...

LOL! For me it is iced green tea. LOVE the stuff!

Unknown said...

LOL! For me it is iced green tea. LOVE the stuff!

Linda H. said...

This is great, Laurie.
And why just for Lent? Stop drinking that stuff!

The last lines made me smile.

Sharp Little Pencil said...

Laurie, if you can make it through Lent, keep AWAY from that shit! Artificial everything, and the bubbles wreak havoc with your insides. What a refreshing way to look at Lent! and the Starbucks line, too much, I laughed out loud. The things we do as Christians!

I tend to do something MORE during Lent, whether it's more time for prayer or doing extra activities with music, etc. I already gave up all the fun stuff anyway!

Hope you chugged some D.C. on Fat Tuesday... hee hee Amy

lucychili said...

apple juice for the win =)

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

I think they are full of dangerous chemicals which you are better off not putting into your body! *Cheering you on.*

PS There is nothing wrong with Kim's iced green tea, so long as it's without sugar; green tea is a good source of anti-oxidants.

Judy Roney said...

Oh, my goodness! Are you sure you want to do this? :) I am addicted to those horrid things myself and I thought every so briefly of giving them up for lent. I couldn't. I gave up sex instead. Much easier. Ha!