Monday, February 4, 2013

Superfluous Bowl

I wonder if other families watch the Super Bowl like mine does. We're all gathered around the TV with our electronic devices in hand - - whether it be to read, text, play games or write - - our heads only looking up at the commercials. Well, there are certain plays or incidents such as half-time or when the lights go out, maybe even last quarter, where our heads bobble up and down. (In my opinion, the most touching part of the whole evening was when the kids from Sandy Hook sang... heart-wrenching.)

Surprisingly (or not) the boys were much more attentive to the half-time this year. When the mother in me finally had to make a comment about the "oh, my god that's just vulgar" dancing, everyone said they already knew what I was thinking, so I didn't really need to speak. Head back down to iPad.

It sure beats one Super Bowl we experienced several years ago when all of us except Pete were down for the count with a tummy bug of the most horrible ever variety. It had been a domino effect with one person getting tackled by it at different times the entire weekend, me being the last. Pete spent the whole game running back and forth with a garbage can between couches because we couldn't move. I think he was as tired as the football players by night's end. We are reminded of this each Super Bowl as we stuff food in our mouths with much appreciation.

Still, it's the ads I love most. What was your favorite commercial this year? Some just grossed me out, did they you? Can you guess which one was my favorite? Please share in comments.

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Brian Miller said...

my fav commercial was the library...ha...and the goats for doritos...we let the boys watch the first half...and putting them to bed during halftime so i missed the 'show'