Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Good Morning

Was it finally quiet enough to hear the cardinal’s song? I had just finished cleaning up the thick bacon grease that had hardened like wax at the bottom of the microwave bacon cooker, grateful that it was able to drip down into the bottom of the container rather than my children’s stomachs. I placed the lid back onto the old coffee container and washed my hands. Outside the window over the kitchen sink, a ray of sunshine sprinkled on the morning dew. Perhaps today the rain would subside long enough for a walk. That’s when I heard the familiar chirp of my favorite red bird. Now I knew today would be good. I took a sip of orange juice and headed out the door.

Prompt inspiration: Flashy Fiction- Mike Grove's The Five Senses


Suzie Thomas said...

You may be thinking it would be just as effortless for them to create their strategy to the bathroom sink. Think about the fact that they will need to travel by way of the house with filthy hands and faces even though leaving a trail of dirt behind them.

Jeni said...

Oh YES, the cardinal chirp always makes my day :)