Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday Offerings

Detachment Mode

She learned the hard way
to detach
----to keep an arm's length distance from the others---
rObOtIcAlLy, like Frankenstein
she walked through life
a jolt of betrayal; a surge of protection.

@laurie kolp

Prompt inspiration: 3WW (detach, jolt, surge)


Hooked on Small Stones

Ten crows on the wire
in the fog, a black and white picture
a semblance of normalcy.

@laurie kolp

 Prompt inspiration: Poetic Asides (A habit poem)


Bethe77 said...

I think I may have done this before. Great write.

Tony Noland said...

Ah, and it's just that kind of unhealed wound that steals away the rest of one's life.

Nice work.

Angel said...

It's sad when someone gets hurt so bad they can't overcome it and live life.

Brian Miller said...

i know far too many people that sadly fit into that first verse laurie...

Denise Moncrief said...

Great write, Laurie. Sometimes the only way to avoid the hurt is to detach.

Sheilagh Lee said...

wonderful done.Lovely poetry

jaerose said...

Maybe small stones..soft and shake off the robotic nature of life..of feeling..I love your use of letters..not to mention words..Jae

oldegg said...

I think there is a little of all of us in the first piece where we are detached from others.

We think we notice the ten crows first but have they saw us before we saw them.

Two great thought provoking pieces.

Daydreamertoo said...

Sometimes difficult to let go of all the hurt of betrayal.

Mary Mansfield said...

Two very nice poems! I think I agree with most everybody that betrayal is so hard to let go, but in the letting go we grow.

Mojo Writin' said...

The three word piece strikes me as both bleak and yet strong. Liked that a lot.

Mama Zen said...

These are both great writes. I really like "a jolt of betrayal; a surge of protection."

Mary Ann Potter said...

Detachment. I suppose it's a scary place to be. Your poems captured it so well.

By the way, go to The Dead Mule of Southern Literature when you can. Four of my poems - and my Southern legitimacy statement - are in the new issue. Very cool. I like seeing my stuff like this and will probably send for a t-shirt or bumper sticker of something. 8-)

Marie said...

Wow. Your description is so true.
Sometimes we all wear our Do NOt
Disturb sign.