Sunday, January 29, 2012

On your mark, get set, go

Yesterday was the Pinewood Derby for Andrew and Nicholas' scout troop, the last for Andrew as he will be crossing over to Boy Scouts next month. I thought about all the years we've spent in Cub Scouts and how quickly they've flown by. I sat at a table in the front corner while helping collect money for the upcoming Blue and Gold banquet. It was a good spot because I could sit back and take in the atmosphere, watch the activity. My how things have changed. Click here for last year's take and here for the 2010 race. You'll be amazed at how much they've grown.

For example, Katie was involved. For many years she wanted nothing to do with anything scout related, but now it's different. Gee, I wonder why? She and her friends, who also have little brothers, manned the concession stand. Every time I glanced over, there they were taking pictures and cramming their mouths with candy.

Meanwhile, Nicholas had an entourage of girls following him and he was loving it. He tried to take them backstage, but I put an end to that real fast. I know he's only in third grade, but you just never know with him.

Andrew was helping with the actual races. He sat and watched calmly in between. During their basketball game earlier in the day he had been hit in the head with the ball. I'm sure all the chaos drove him nuts. The boys didn't win this year, but they really didn't put much time into it. Pete's in grad school now, remember?

There was a lot of unstructured time. The young kids got rowdy after the first hour. By the third hour, we were ready to go. As I close, let me quote another mother my exact sentiments, "Why can't they just let the little cars roll down the ramp and be done with it?"

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