Sunday, January 15, 2012

Believe It's Possible: Revealed and Unveiled

The mysterious invitation
Last night I had the privilege of being a part of an unveiling. Of what? I'm sure you're wondering. Well, according to Webster's Dictionary, unveil means to 1. remove a veil or covering from; or 2. make public. Both definitions are applicable to what took place; but before I fill you in, let me backtrack a bit.

Nearly a year ago I met this amazing woman, Cathy Taylor, who not only owns her own business, but designs the exquisite jewelry (and other things) sold there. She was struggling with some of the same issues as me, and when we got to talking I found out she had lost a dear friend, too. Rather than cardinals though, her connection with her friend Myra involved butterflies. We visited several times and then I didn't see her for awhile.

One day Cathy called me from out of the blue. There was a lilt in her voice, a sense of peace I hadn't heard before. She wanted to get together for coffee and so we arranged for a meeting time.

When I saw Cathy again there was a sparkle in her eyes and a smile on her face that truly came from the bottom of her heart. She told me she had been on a Walk to Emmaus, that she had had a spiritual awakening there. All of her burdens had been lifted and she was ready to follow God's plan for her. She didn't quite know what it was yet, but she did know it had something to do with Myra and butterflies. Cathy wanted me to help her with the writing aspect of whatever it would be and I gladly said yes.

It soon evolved into a new line that Cathy would call Believe It's Possible because Myra had been such a positive reflection of faith even in the midst of her debilitating cancer. Cathy and Myra had been friends since high school and Myra had clearly recognized the struggles Cathy had been facing. Shortly before her death, Myra had told Cathy that she would be part of a miracle one day. Little did she know she would be the miracle!

Since then, Cathy has been working hard on this new line. She managed to keep last night somewhat of a mystery to all involved, which has grown to include an artist, a bookkeeper, and much more. These people have been placed in Cathy's life, too. The beautiful thing is that none of us cares about the money aspect of it... we simply want to help Cathy fulfill God's plan for her.

A small section of the beautiful stage
Now back to last night. When I arrived at the church where it took place, I had no idea what to expect. The parking lot was full and I thought I wouldn't know anyone there, yet I walked into the room of people and felt right at home. I saw a few familiar faces. I found a spot in the front and soaked in the splendor of the stage, music, ambiance. Then I saw a friend and went to get her so she could sit by me. We waited in suspense until finally, the show began.

A serene Cathy unveiling her past
What can I say about this amazing evening filled with joy other than it moved me to tears? I wasn't the only one either, according to the sniffs I heard behind me and my friend who was downright sobbing. Cathy unveiled everything about her past with complete candidness. She celebrated her friendship with Myra and the significant role she played in Cathy's recovery even after her passing. Before the night was over, she unveiled the first pieces of jewelry and gave them to Myra's mother, husband and three sons. Myra's legacy would live on through this Believe It's Possible line, the ministry she always wanted.

I can't wait to tell you more, but God is writing the story, you know, and His time can be slow. I promise I will unveil more as it comes to fruition. Until then believe in the power of prayer, believe in the power of miracles, believe in the power of God. Believe it's possible. I do.

Linked to Scribbling Spiritual Sand: "She (wisdom) is a tree of life to those who take hold of her, and happy are all who retain her." Proverbs 3:18


wolfsrosebud said...

what an exciting story of hope and promise... and how God allows us to use godly wisdom in our lives and through them... thanks so for linking to Scribbling Spiritual Sand

Dave King said...

Amazing story. Thanks for posting this.

Merle M said...

Touching story. I look forward to hearing more!

Ed Pilolla said...

the people we meet along the way in this life can burst with opportunities. what a neat ongoing story. doing what we love for people who authentically enjoy it is a blessing. congrats to all involved.