Friday, January 13, 2012


Bridal wreath dances in the wind
anticipating the big day
with the white dress.


Sitting in church
she picks at her amaranth fingernail polish-
peeling away the layers.


A Fresh Perspective:
Subbing makes me glad
I don't teach anymore.

Enough said.


warm Grape Nuts on a frozen grapes morn
oh, no
flung across the keyboard
oh, yes
Friday the 13th


Impel was the word
that was supposed to be
but with a Texas twang
pronounced im-pay-el
by the teACHEr
he spelled it i.m.p.a.l.e.
knocking him out
of the final spelling bee.
I'm impelled to impale
HER. oink. oink.


@laurie kolp

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nan said...

Oh these are FUNNY! Loved today's especially. I could see that happening in one of my moments. Oh no!

Eva Gallant said...


Daydreamertoo said...

LOL Accents can be pretty tricky as I found out having an English one raising a Canadian child. We may not think as we both speak English it makes too much difference but, it does! As your 2nd one shows...LOL

Buddah Moskowitz said...

Well done, as usual.

Dave King said...

I left a longish comment here, or thought I had. Really just commiserating and saying that this is a common experience. When I had the say-so over such events I would always insist that the word was given in isolation and then again in a sentence to make the meaning clear. No much consolation, though for your youungster now.

Kerry O'Connor said...

This is like a little posy of flowers - each bright and different. (I am sorry about the spelling Bee - such shame for a child to be disappointed due to unforced error)

Abin Chakraborty said...

what a fun read!

Anonymous said...

Nice collection, Laurie - the Grape Nuts/Friday 13th is my favourite this morning... :D

Mary Ann Potter said...

Fabulously wonderful and wonderfully fabulous, Laurie! The one about the pronunciation of "impale" reminded me --- four of my poems are going to be on the "Dead Mule School of Southern Literature" site in February, and my Southern legitimacy statement includes something about the Yankee pronunciation of a word done in an unfamiliar Southern accent. A true story. Watch for it! By the way, our rural area is near Stem, which is always pronounced in two syllbles --- "Ste-um." 8-)

Margaret said...

Loved a Fresh Perspective ha!

Heaven said...

This made me smile..ha.ha...

Sherry Blue Sky said...


Kay L. Davies said...

Big smiles here!