Saturday, January 14, 2012

Reels of Real Horror, Imagined

I’ll let this poem write itself while
I sit still and contemplate
no… worry, really, about you
and your friend’s crazy notion
to sleep outside in freezing
temperatures the depth of my morbidity
starting to surface in this horror picture
show between my ears and suddenly you are
lying dormant, frozen to death in your sleep and I’m
kneeling at your side sobbing uncontrollably
unaware of the spectacle I’m making, which
in all honesty comes from the hot pink tent
pitched in your friend’s front yard
the next reel shows a maniac kidnapping
you as you try in vain to scream
but your friend’s already dead so this man
takes you away like Elizabeth Smart and I am
there trying to save you but he says,
“Shut up broad!” and throws me in the icy pool out back
now a texting soccer mom is driving
home in her Cadillac SRX after a crisp
night of debauchery, jumps the curb, runs into
so I make a resolution to have faith and let it go
after all, “They’ll be inside the house within the hour
anyway,” says hubby and I hope he’s right because
I’m not ready to sign on the dotted line
step back from mollycoddling and let you
learn the hard way.

@laurie kolp

Prompt inspiration: The Sunday Whirl (vain, dotted, dormant, reel, kneeling, surface, still, spectacle, depth, resolution, contemplate, broad, crisp)


Brian Miller said... boys are young enough i dont have this yet but my day will come...envisioning what might be happening while they are out...

Patricia Anne McGoldrick said...

Know the place you are at!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I LOVE this, and so relate. Parenthood becomes all worry once they are older than about five, hee hee. Amazingly they do make it through. I so enjoyed this stream of consciousness, and also the format and structure of the poem. TOAD-ally awesome!

Dave King said...

I guess we've all done things as daft. When I think back to some of my riskier undertakings... but then they weren't risky back when I was fireproof and immortal.

Barbara said...

Love this! No kids, but my anxiety-imagination runs in exactly the same mode.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I'm hoping this is all a bad dream--especially the icy river part--from which you will awaken, and all will be well!

A Baker’s Dozen

Dr. Pearl Ketover Prilik (PKP) said...

The nightmare that is the "waiting mother" so vividly penned...! Ooooh....

Daydreamertoo said...

My teen and I had some bad words over her temper and impatience, she went out and was gone for three hours. I was beside myself with worry. For those three hours, then she came home and we discussed it all and I told her how many people would be involved if she hadn't come home. I hope now she won't do it anymore but, can only go day by day. They reach an age where they 'think' they know it all and are also invincible too. They just don't understand there are always consequences to any actions, good or bad.
Powerful piece once more Laurie.

Marianne said...

I can so relate to this poem, Laurie! Being a parent is never easy although some days are harder than others. A few years ago, my son spent a semester in Italy. I had to let go of everything!!! Well wordled!

Anonymous said...

My kids are in their thirties now, but there was a sense of deja vu...although,if I am truthful, we mothers never feel differently.

The emotion came across clearly.


annell said...

It's not easy to be a Mom. Greatest treasure!

Eva Gallant said...

Been there, done that; remember it well! Great poem.

Mark said...

glad to know I am not the only parent that sits around imagining the worst. A good read.

Cheryl said...

You've painted a vivid picture of mother worries. I've done the same thing times without number. Excellent use of the wordle words.

brenda w said...

Oh Laurie, this is such strong writing. I love how you frame the piece between your ears. Find a place to submit parenting poems. This is a gem.

Mary said...

Each stanza had my heart beating faster. I could feel your fear. Not easy to lessen the hold we have on them and allow them room to make decisions and grow up and, yes, even away a bit in their quest to become their own independent. You captured every parents' SO well.Pray a lot!

flaubert said...

Yes, Laurie, the anxiety of being a parent, perfectly conveyed here.


S.E. Ingraham said...

oh man am I glad these days are over - you've captured those years perfectly here Laurie; this is a great poem

Susannah said...

Oooh Laurie you did this so well! Great use of the wordle words and one that lots of people will identify with!

Traci B said...

Never felt this for a child, but my niece definitely gave me an uneasy night or two in her teen years. And considering what I just found out about the true extent of her underage activities, I'm grateful she survived those years.

Excellent poem, Laurie, and great use of the wordle.

irene said...

Every parent's reel of horror, well laid out. Thanks Laurie.