Friday, February 10, 2012

The Intruder

Can you believe it?

Last night my dog was whining
he was sniffing ‘round the door
but when I tried to let him out
his tail went to the floor.

This morning I awakened
to a horrible mess
a critter had created
to get a peaceful rest.

I marched into the bedroom
woke my husband with a start
said that we’d been robbed
nearly stopped his heart.

(That’s what it takes to wake him up)
he jumped right out of bed
followed my direction
“A raccoon,” is what he said.

He checked behind the wall
which leads to the garage
the hole did not go through
but this was no mirage.

So now I must just sit here
and wait ‘til he gets home
go crazy with each little sound
and try to write this poem.

@laurie kolp


Eva Gallant said...

That sneaky rascal. Be careful, they say rabies is more prevalent this year than in years past.

Hannah said...

I just read this to my five year old son and he loved it. He was so interested that he wanted me to read another one depicting the rest of the story: finding and trapping him, bringing him to the woods and then going home again, (He made that up)! I thought you might enjoy that, Laurie. Smiles!

Janet said...

Oh yikes! as long as he stays on the outside!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

From the photo, he appears to be a very DETERMINED raccoon!

Susie Clevenger said...

We have those pesky little things on our back porch every night

Brian Miller said...

had a possum last night...trying to get in the trash...coons are cute but can def be a mess...and when anything invades your life it can feel so violating....

Mary said...

Oh no, Laurie! What a hard situation to have to deal with now.....thank goodness your husband will be in charge. LOL.

Mama Zen said...

That's unbelievable!

Linda H. said...

Wow, that sure was one determined little critter! You've written a nice poem about him (or her).