Thursday, February 2, 2012

Christian book is sure to please

Soon to be released NIGHT WITH A PERFECT STRANGER by David Gregory is the third book in his trilogy about Jesus appearing to character Nick Cominsky. Nick is a middle-aged man, married with two children and one on the way. He is on his way home from a visit with his parents that went sour when his father started drilling him about his career and comparing him to his more successful sister. Nick left in a huff at night instead of waiting until the next day when he was supposed to leave. He hasn't been on the road for too long when he runs out of gas. A stranger holding a gas can appears in front of him. After a closer look, Nick realizes it is the same man who came to visit him six years ago- Jesus. Jesus hops in and accompanies him on his trip back home.

Along the way they meet a man struggling with addiction. After a spiritual conversation over coffee and pie the man is transformed. They also visit a hospital where Jesus shows Nick a father rocking his premature baby. He tells Nick that God's love for us is much the same- unconditional, constant and forgiving.

As they near their destination Nick receives a call from his upset wife stating that she is spotting and on her way to the hospital. When Nick comes close to having a wreck and turns to Jesus, he is gone. Nick stops to help a woman whose car had gone off the road. It turns out to be his wife's spiritual advisor. He gives her a ride. They talk about God and spirituality. Nick is able to see the same thing Jesus was telling him in a new light: Jesus lives within us and we must listen to him and let him guide us through life. When Nick reaches the hospital he is led to Labor and Delivery. Jesus is waiting for him. Nick opens up his heart and lets him in, and together they walk through the doors to see what has happened.

What was Nick struggling with? What exactly does Jesus tell him? What kind of addiction does the other man struggle with, and what is their connection? Read the book and find out. You'll be glad you did.

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