Friday, February 10, 2012


I really should be writing
a poem right now,
but I’m too enthralled
by a virtual soap
opera on Facebook, and my
phone is beep-tweeting
by the milli-sec, second from
someone I don’t even know, but
who is carrying on a conversation
I happened to be @ed in.
Not to mention the raccoon
that tried to get into my
home last night, but that’s
what my poem’s going to be
about, so stay tuned.

@laurie kolp


Janet said...

Your day sounds much more lively than mine...yawn:) kidding, but honestly, laundry and cleaning are not that exciting! I'll stay tuned for the 'coon-tail..oops tale:)

see ya'

Mary said...

Interesting that the cyber world and techno (phone) world are the creators of so much 'distraction' in our worlds, isn't it? But would we have it any other way?