Sunday, February 5, 2012

R-rated Facebook pages?

Facebook is great until your child joins; then it becomes a malicious enemy stripping innocence. I didn't want to do it, but I finally relented after way too much discussion. After all, I'm nearly 13, M-oh-m. I obtained password, secured privacy settings and made it clear that I had final say on who is befriended.

Less than two weeks in and it's brought to my attention from another vigilant parent that a once sweet role model turned wild college freshman has entered the picture.

"Go check it out," my friend said.

And that is why I wish Facebook pages were rated like the movies, for what I saw was abhorrent... things like vaginal disorderly conduct, hard dicks, spreading cheer with a tampon igloo and penguin, not giving a damn; overall sucky attitude I was not about to put up with.

"Sorry dear, but if you don't remove that friend, I can remove you from Facebook." End of discussion.


Anonymous said...


I know of you from your poetry blog b/c of my wife's poetry blog. I actually found you "here" by accident, but, wow, I like what I have found.

Great post here about the dangers of innocent minds being exposed to way too much way too soon. Our hearts and minds must remain guarded as well, so there's an equally important lesson for us adults.

Thanks for sharing...really like what you do here with this blog!

R.M. @

Linda H. said...

Katarina has had a FB account for a few months now. We, too, oversee everything. Luckily, we haven't come across anything like that. I was reading your posting thinking OMG and OMG and OMMMMMGGGGG! Gosh, who even thinks of that stuff...tampon igloos? I guess not all creative minds think alike because I surely wouldn't have thought of that. Although my niece used feminine pads as sleeping bags for her Barbies when she was about 4. LOL.

Laurie Kolp said...

I know! I consider myself creative, but I could never have come up with that. This girl was on an extracurricular team Katie is involved in (before she left for college).

Stafford Ray said...

Thank goodness all mine grew up before Facebook! But parenting never changes... we have always had to keep watch over our children and guide them.

Dr. Pearl Ketover Prilik (PKP) said...

I think that more than "dangerous content" the hurt that can be caused is a real problem. I'm working on a YA novel about "mean girls" and cyber bullying which can occur at any age .... Good caution is for personal interactions among teens to be with only "actual" known friends... There is a sense of intimacy that is fostered online that can be disappointing .... As with all things open lines of communication, as you well know, will keep your daughter happily enjoying the best of the Internet. Good luck! :)

Claudette Young said...

Good post, Laura. I'm with you on this one and I don't even have kids. I wonder if there's a way for FB to shuffle those users, who think of the pages as the back row of a porn theatre, to some dank and filthy corner of the ether zone where the millions of others don't have to deal with them.

What do you think? Should someone suggest that to Zuckerman?

Merle M said...

Awful. We have to place limits because we love our offspring and will do all possible to preserve their minds!